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Poll: Should the Member's commands for RPU be in it's own menu or player's commands?

Own Section 62% (5)
Player's Commands 37% (3)

Only BYOND Members can vote.

Hey everyone, I am working on RP Unlimited 1.4. Something I noticed with the resent membership is it seems to be annoying the one or two commands you get on RP Unlimited for being a member are right now in there own list.

Why is this annoying, Well I been working hard on trying to get everything under the player's commands so when you play, player's only have to use one tab, or two at most. Then I noticed recently with the new tab, there is members commands, but well... it makes it a hassle to want to use the commands but I have to keep switching tabs and being a few people wanted all the extra player's tabs gone in the first place. Well i thought it would be best to ask the members.

This would go for future updates as well but more asking this question. Should I put member's pacific commands in a member's commands tab, OR should I merge it with the player's commands tab?

I will be hosting a demo server for this and put in the merged setting so you can see the difference it would make between 1.3.3 and 1.4. Well Please vote, I will make final decision on 5/1/2011.

Hmmm I understand. I'd rather have it on its own section.