Today I am sick, so please excuse me if I ignore you on the game, I tend to pass out whenever I am sick and fall asleep.. Anyways, Love you all and I'll talk to everyone when I get out of bed.
Kay. Hope you get better~
Awww, I hope you get better soon as well, Same as what Darwin said. Get better soon :)
Love and kiss's and lot's of other ways to try and comfort you.

Hmm this sounded very flirty lol - Not intended - i'm an old man.

Lol Teka.. xD
Teka you dirty old man, you're old enough to be her uncle.
Older. :c
:l How old is Teka anyways? XD

23, maybe? Or 21.
Lol Stephen, I'm 22 going on 23 in may :)
You are only 1 year older than me hun o.e'
You aren't that old..I'll be 22 in september.
20's aren't that old unless you were 50 then that's another story ;D