What's New In Bleach Uforgiven Sins you asked about from Suggestions?

Here we go..I sha'll explain them!
Well, since the game was off for a couple of Months, I decidedly kept it off for a long time, fixed bugs,(Not completely, just some)
Well, there was more Bleach Shikai's for people that love Shinigami. SOO guess what!
I decided to look through the old forums and someone asked for Ichigo's "Mugetsu" and "Final Form" So, I did just that and put it right into the game, ain't that dandy, I just made it not long ago, and put it in. Tested it, and accidentally kicked Sean off the server, oops. Sorry!

Here is what the Ichigo Set looks like in the Final Getsuga Form:
(No I am not helping anyone out with coding this in, they are two different verbs that were made while doing so.)
I forgot to get the mugetsu My bad loll.

Next.. On the list was Shunsui's 4 attacks...or 3..
I did
Eventually it's the lazy air attack but it now looks like a square thanks to my crappy 4in the morning job from 4 months ago..
If you are good and notice the anime, then you know all this from the Espada arc.
Okay Irooni..The butterfly color game..Which I hate to use on the game due to it killing me after killing the opponent, if you are weaker than the opponent, then it will cost 1000damage to the opponent and alot of damage to you. if your opponent moves or talks both takes some damage, and you might be killed, either way, you will be killed too going vice-versa.

You can pick anyone near you or above you, but only if they are in the screen with you, so that you can see them and this handy menu pops up to ask you which person do you want to use Irooni on. Very interesting indeed.

For Irooni, I added some different color "Vars" to them to make them kind of confusing and I can use any color depending on what they are to cause extra damage, the black is seemingly stronger, and the white is in the shinigami robes' belt and the whole thing is black, otherwise I would have stated that it has every color of the rainbow(which would make it sound wrong)
You'll then see this 3rd verb under the Shikai skills tab: Kageoni
It doesn't do the same as Takaoni, but you disappear in the game when this is on. Usually if you speak or move, or someone moves you, then you are most likely to die with them. I still need to fix that..

Well actually Takaoni is depending on reiatsu power and attack power. if the person is equal power to you, then you and the person may die, and take the same damage taken by the technique, it compares the person with the same(or less) height of you, then if it says equal you'll take the damage as the person did,
but if you did take the technique and use it on a monster npc, then it will say it's lower than you, thus killing it.
It will say "(Your name)Is higher up!"
Such as
"[usr] is higher up!"

but then again if the person is higher it will say
you took 1000 damage and it would also kill you. If you won, you'd stay alive, the other person will die..
By the way..if you get hit by someone else it will kill both therefore backfiring on you....

Did you ...Just say new Shikai's and Bankai's and...ESPADA RESSURECTIONS/RELEASES ARE IN??!

All thanks to me and Sean! (thanks to him, he corrected some of the codes to get the ressurections to work ALRIGHT!) THANKS SEAN! :D
We came back and re-upgraded! Sean is the trusty sidekick of saya's and a Co-Owner/Co-Coder since late 2009, with Saya making a two hit team, plus not to mention all the other staffs who icon and also do forums! Even our close friends from here will have the chance to look here and come in! We all thank others for helping out and coding too! And showing what skills they have under Saya's watch of iconing these magnificent icons! Saya could do it by herself, but sometimes she needs YOUR HELP! and guess what!
Resurrections with releases are in for Arrancars! OMG! This is very exciting and the game is progressing very fast with another one hit wonder of weekly updates that are coming your way!

*Not to mention that Aqworlds battle game cards are right in YOUR local Toys r Us! GO GOGO*

Anyways lets start off with some good old fashion advertising of the game's new release sha'll we? Yes, indeed we will go forth to it now.

Starting off with the release form and the resurrection forms of Nelltu and Baraggan!

I think this is really great, I had to code in Baraggan's ressurection and his moves also release, with just an
(sadly when you die, you can't get out of baraggan's resurrection, just fix yourself until we can fix that up.)
Btw..All the espada ressurections now have their very OWN (NO ONE HAS THIS IN THEIR GAME) very ownn! Resurrection moves!!!
Including Baraggan's with:
1.Enhanced Time Dilation-Stops time with baraggan saying:
Baraggan: Nothing can escape time...
2.Respira-It was suppose to age, but I gotta re-code that..such as draining the user's health.
3.Time Dilation Field-stops some time, as meaning: it stops the person from moving, freezing them for a few seconds..
Baraggan: Time is Absolute...
Also not to mention Szayel has a saying..when releasing his ressurection -wink-

Szayel: You all get surprised from just a small thing, and you don't see what's ahead. Just like kids. Humans, Shinigami, and Quincy... they're all the same. They're equally inferior. If there's a reason for you to be destroyed by Aizen-sama, it's because... of your inferiority.

and in release:
Szayel: Inferior beings such as yourselves irritating me to this extent and even forcing me to fight you at full strength. That is the very definition of a bad joke.
Szayel: Sip...Fornicaras!

He has: Voodoo Organ and Voodoo doll as his attacks

Starrk...Uhm no one has picked out that yet, I hope, because I don't have a screeny..and I need all people with "Hollow" to use their releases and resurrections..

Amazing job, I love how you implemented this idea,