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Well i haven't made any new Css's for a long long time.
Mainly due to lack of skills or ideas or time etc lol,

I recently made a couple though, For people who seemed to want a new one or help with their current one.

Princess Lucy
Office Map

____________________________________________________________ ______________

Ghana Elite
Office Map

____________________________________________________________ ______________

Office Map

____________________________________________________________ ______________

Office Map

____________________________________________________________ ______________

My Alt Key:Timmy
Office Map

____________________________________________________________ ______________
Well there we go, They may not have been a professional standard but i tied and peeps said they were happy with them =D
Hey Teka :o Could you make a CSS for Fantasie Productions?
Sure i could try, I'm not great but i could give it a go lol

Could you give me layout managing powers on your page then :)?
As you will it, it shall be done. And you did awesome with these

Edit: Done
Oh lovely =),thankyou.

I'll be going offline shortly though, So i'm sorry i cannot do it right away.

Could you tell me a rough theme idea? colors, style, any hover affects, background images, page header anything you can tell me to help me get an idea how to make it?

If you have no idea i'll just do my best lol :P
Haha, ugh color wise. Make it the same color as most of our interface. That really pretty blue with a side of white here and there. [You're my CSS cook!?!?]

Hover Effects: Transparent when Hovered Over.

Any kind of interesting Angelic Image/Images will do for the background image.

Page Header will be

Fantasie Gaming: We believe in the impossible. [Like you did Anime Love, but instead of Kakashi, put some angelic thingy :O] You can choose the font and such :O
If you ever have time, Teka, I am in need of a new, fancier CSS. Contact me whenever~
Should start charging. ;)
OMG how can I not love it o.o it's perfect and sexy YAY <3 U
They look decent aside from Lucy's, which is dreadful.
Well Teka, I might as well through my request in here also. I have been looking for a new CSS for a while now, the old one is not supported with BYOND new format (and I got the old one from the CSS Guild... =[...) So if you have the time between working on these other ones, I would love it if you made a CSS for The Phoenix Den. =]
Hey Mousesiffer sure!

But like like fantasy did, could you entrust layout manging powers to me on your page, and also tell me how you'd like your page roughly:

Page header title : The Phoenix Den

Color them: probably dark themed orange, red, black?

Background: images? anything u have in mind, or can make (i can't do gfx, all i have is paint lol)

Hover affect: change color when moused over? change size or change border or thing's like that..?
I think I have done that. Lol.... If not just let me know and I will try again, just let me know what to do. =]

Page Header:
The Phoenix Den
Where Creativity Soars!

Color theme: Black, Grey, Red, maybe some orange.

Background image: Phoenixes. Lol. 1136679189_irephoenix.jpg

I am found of these three pictures. I like the last one the best but whatever works for you. :P If you find or have better that would work as well.

Hover affect: hmm... If it could be made slightly transparent when hovered over that would be cool. Transparent enough to notice a difference but not to much that you cant read the words anymore.

Hey moussifer sound's good.

But i have not gained the powers yet, though my rank seems to be Phoenix, but i do not have the ability to manage your layout yet.

Manage Site ->
Manage Fans/contributors ->
on left make there's a box to Add ranks.
Make the rank Layout Manager and click add rank->
Click Add privilege and select Manage layout

Now on the right hand side you should be able to find me in one of your ranks make sure i'm in the new layout manager rank.
Ah so that's how you do it. Alright all done. :p
Ok Moussiffer, i had a go at your css, I don't think you'll like it much, so if you don't just let me know, i saved the old one encase you want me to replace it.

Sorry i'm still not great with css i doubt i ever will be, but i gave it a shot.
Teka123 wrote:
Ok Moussiffer, i had a go at your css, I don't think you'll like it much, so if you don't just let me know, i saved the old one encase you want me to replace it.

Sorry i'm still not great with css i doubt i ever will be, but i gave it a shot.

I was checking on his blog page, All I have to say NICE! (If that's the CSS) :P
Its beautiful! Thanks Teka. =]

Edit: I know this is probably a stupid question but how would I add a donations part to my CSS?
Yay, i'm glad there's another happy customer!

You would do best by making a custom content box, then getting the html needed for the image and link for paypal etc, i think paypal makes a html button for you if you do it right.
Ok darwin, i had a go, not sure if you'll like that either... i forgot to save a backup of the original one, i'm so sorry T_T

If you don't like it then i'll try to make you a new one, or otherwise your stuck with it.
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