Poll: What should Darwin do?

More Game Reviews 18% (3)
Youtube Uploads 12% (2)
Forum Lurk 6% (1)
BYOND Gaming 12% (2)
Write a Book 18% (3)
Idk/Idc 31% (5)

The polls are now closed.

Well, with summer coming up and school becoming less of a priority, I have a little more time for some other things. I plan to:

Unofficial Reviews: I want to write something up on Chao Town, Ultimatum, Toy Tanks, etc. and constantly looking for more games to look at it. Any idea's?

Youtube: I gave this up a long time ago. I randomnly upload ROM/BYOND video's when I get bored. Should I get more serious with this?

Forums: I constantly post on over 15 various game forums. I mostly contribute (or lurk/flame) to/on the Cow RP, CCR, and other non-byond forums. What should I do with this, if anything?

BYOND: Most BYOND games are kinda dull now, unless they are being constantly updated/administrated or are very old/classic. I prefer strategy and RPG over action and anime. Any games you think I should check out? And joining a developing team would be useless, since my only "good" subject would have to do with forums. I pretty much suck at iconning, coding, etc.

Book: Yep. Interesting, write right? <--- Fail Corny Joke.

Anyways, I have always had a little tug towards writing something, even if it was just a poem or a song or two. Should I follow this? And about what?


I also need inspiration. :(
I think you should try playing some flash games from New Grounds. Writing a book sounds good. Also, do whatever you want to do right now, just 'listen to your heart'.
Alright then, Thanks Soul~

And idk Yusuke :c