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Ok i just want to say everyone who tried to help:
Thank you very much for trying to help me from my own foolish actions and also thank you to everyone who had kind words for me as well!

I have actually managed to: sell a few things, do enough overtime, get enough help from Byond and keep myself from spending too much.

I needed to regain the money by May, And now thanks to everyone i'll scrape by well.

I have no where near enough money to start spending anything yet, but i have raised enough to match my previous overdraft which i completely overspent which the bank said i had to reacquire again.

So it's all good, By December i may be able to buy some memberships lol, or not... if i end up buying too many x-mas presents.

But anyway thank you all so much, no need to worry anymore, and i'm sorry for asking in the first place! it'll never happen again.
We love you Teka <3
Asakuraboy wrote:
We love you Teka <3

Teka, I have 62 cents on my paypal. I don't know if the Paypal sending feels will eat all that up but.. lol.. do you think I should send it?
No! paypal will devour half of it, and you need it!, and thanks everyone :)
XD Cool Teka :c
I'm an accountant and I don't wanna get personal bad did you overdraft o.o

I understand there's always a reason such as aliens coming and taking you away then dropping you off clear across the world so you had to use your bank card with less than 4 bucks on it. I'm hoping you didn't overdraft this bad just giving out memberships and donating to byond...that would be foolish or real dedication o.o

Anyways, glad to hear your out, need some money saving tips, let me know :)
Hi Pyro, well i had a 1000 over draft, I was in it for a very long time always spending in my overdraft, but with donations and other things i exceeded it and spent an additional 800

So yeah i had basically borrowed 1800 when i was only allowed to borrow 1000 from my bank and i receive a letter, and a phone call about fraud thinking i had been robbed lol.

But no, it was just me being an idiot.

And then i had a meeting and it was all, you need to pay this money back, and can you cut this down, that down to save money, they tallied up threw my bank statement that I'd be able to save 150 (roughly $300)a month and then they said by May you should be on target to regain the money and that they'd like another meeting then to discuss the issue again and see how well i manged to save.

So yeah, had to save up well, sell my body among other things, and with some backing from the byond community which did 1/8 of the work for me.

I'm ok now, i was an idiot, glad this situation's over now, and i'm thankful and sorry that i had to rely on others to help.

Everyone in the donation list will receive a Byond membership when i'm doing alright, Except Tib's he will get something from amazon lol.

Glad to hear things are better, try not to spend money you don't have anymore XD
Good on ya Mate... sorry I could offer my support... It sucks to be poor
So yeah, had to save up well, sell my body among other things, and with some backing from the byond community which did 1/8 of the work for me.

Why didn't you tell me of this? I'll book you for a night for 1800.