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Well i thought this would be a good idea for those who may want to try and make their own.

First of you'l probably want to change colors in your css so this site will come in handy.

Now lets start with the background for the page which is what the Body is.

Step 1:

This first thing is just to change the Background of the whole page.

So we can do this as:

background: #000000 url(
background-position:center ;

1.This changes the page's backgrounds and gives it an image.
2.No-repeat simply means the image wont replicate if it's a small image.
3.Background-position dictates where about the image will display on the page.
4.Background-attachment:fixed dictates that the image won't move when you scroll up and down.

Step 2:

Then you may wish to alter the boxes on your page.

.box, .big_box, .post, .comment{
background: #bebebe;
border: 4px solid #696969;
color: #000;}

1.This changes the box background like previously.
2.Gives your box's a border which is 4 (px) thick.
3.Lastly changes the color of the writing!

Step 3:

Ok so now you have changed your background and your boxes and the color of your writing, simples!
Now this is one of my favorite things to do, Which is remove the title and replace it with a fancy looking title.

#website_page_header {
background: url(
center top;
height: 300px;
margin-top: -60px;}

1.So like the page background you set the background color and select an image to use for this which does not repeat.
2.Center-top dictates it's location on the page.
3.height is required to give enough room for the image to display in, otherwise the image may not fully display.
4.Margin-top set's how man Px's the image displays from the top of the page.

Now you will be left with an image and your title overlapping at the top of the page!
you will need this Bellow to remove the original text title.

#page_header .title,.page_header .title {
visibility: hidden;}

1.Visibility:hidden does exactly what it says on the tin.

With altering the position of the page header you have created you would have messed up the positioning of the subtitle and also the box's themselves.

#page_header .subtitle, .page_header .subtitle {
margin-top: 120px;
color: #FFF;}

.boxes,.center, #center {
margin-top: 180px;}

1.These two now need the margin-top's px altered so that you eventually get it all to line up.

Step 4:

A quick run down of useful Css knowledge.

background:#000 url();
border: 4px solid #696969;
height: 100px;

Different types of borders:

Step 5:

Now this should resemble a decent Css hopefully even though it's simple!

IT should look like this:

background: #000000 url(
background-position:center ;

.box, .big_box, .post, .comment{
background: #bebebe;
border: 4px solid #696969;
color: #000;}

#website_page_header {
background: url(
center top;
height: 300px;
margin-top: -60px;}

#page_header .title,.page_header .title {
visibility: hidden;}

#page_header .subtitle, .page_header .subtitle {
margin-top: 120px;
color: #FFF;}

.boxes,.center, #center {
margin-top: 180px;}


And finally: if you want me to make you a Css please give me brief example such as :

Page header title : ?

Color theme: ?


Hover affect:?

I'm not great and i do suck with anything Gfx.
Awesome. Thanks >3
lol, No problem, but it seems this post was neglected.
It took me a while to write it up and explain it a bit, I guess i'm not good at helping people.

But anyway at the end i stated : if you want a css made i'd try and do it for ya's! :(
I been working on a wicked CSS useing
Awesome, yeah that's where i learnt as well :)

Page header title : Image Above (use as header)

Color theme: rainbow colors, whatever looks good to you actually

Background: once again up to you

Hover affect: Not sure what this means so no..

lol wow a rainbow css!,really interesting :O

Please could you give me the manage layout privileges on your page.

Go here. Odazler:?command=manage_members
Add rank->
Name it :layout manager->
Click add rank->
Select the manage layout privilege to go with that rank->
Click Fans on right hand side->
Change my rank.

:O lol i hope you can figure this out :)
I want one! I can help with GFX if need-be.

Header: Sublime Development
Color: Simplistic white-on-black or black-on-white.
Background: Something smooth and simplistic, either white or black.
Hover effect: I am also unsure of what this means, so I will go with "no" as well.
Oh albro! sure i'll do that :) or atleast try, but you have not given me layout managing powers! lol
Whatever do you mean? I am suuuureee that you have the "Layout Manager" rank... :P
Hey Teka, sorry if this is a bother but I've always had a ton of trouble with CSS.

Page header title : Can you use this image?

Color theme: Can you use black and a silvery color? Something that looks good with the banner :)

Background: Can you use this image if possible?

Hover affect: That would be nice :)

Thanks I'll add you as layout manager when you're ready. Take your time!
ohh ok, i'll be on it as soon as i can :)

I wont be online too much longer, i have just joined your page so that you may give me layout managing privileges , I'll do my best ok :)
Kay, gave privileges :)
There we go tissue!

I think i did it as you asked, Now it's time to see if you like it or not..

Background image didn't go perfect since it was so small.. so that was all i could really do with it, i suck with Gfx anyway... :(
Oh yes! Yes yes yes! Thank you so much! I love it :)
Teka could you please make my CSS better its to hard for me to do >.< i was told by a friend to comment here for a request or something to get a good one :s
Hey green Mario sure i can have a go :)

Could you give me the privileges to do so on your page?

I Need you to do this :

Manage Site ->
Manage Fans/contributors ->
On left there's a box to Add ranks ->
Make the rank Layout Manager and click add rank ->
Click Add privilege and select Manage layout.
Then find me in the default rank and move me to the Layout manager.

And finally how would you like your css?

Page header title : Green Mario's page?

Color theme: Greens?

Background: more green??

okay done and for the title thing i would like it as green mario productions :D and not all colours green similar to falacys type and my title up top could you make that look cool 2? :D thanks
Hey Green Mario, You seem to have given me a rank called layout manager, But you don't seem to have actually given me the privilege to manage layout.
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