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REO is a classic Resident Evil game by Dark Emrald. Made in 2007, its graphics aren't the best, but it's a very cool game that a lot of people enjoy to play!

Gameplay: You log in and choose your character, gender, etc. You start out in the Merchant Shop, where weapons, ammo, items, etc. are spread out for you to grab or buy/upgrade from the Merchants. Then you and everyone else joined that round will be sent to a map to fight off hoardes of zombies and/or protect a teammate. With there being a variety of weapons, loads of different mob characters to choose from, and no end to the game, its very fun yet can be aggravating if you don't have patience or if there are not a lot of people playing with you.

Originality: The icon's are custom-made, with all the turf, objects, mobs, etc. being original. Even though it is based on resident evil and uses various characters for their mobs/names, the game itself is not really a fangame.

Administration: Enforcers are host-given and are different from server to server. Also, no matter what any host says, there is NO main server. The host files are long-gone, and only a handful of people have them or the map maker.

Flaws: There are very little to no flaws. There are a few glitches that only 3 or 4 people know (Me being one of them :c) like shooting while dead, jumping over walls, etc. that are kept hidden from the other players and are rarely used, let alone abused, so that the game is fair.

Overall: The game, in my opinion, deserves a 9/10, because even though its graphics aren't the best, they are pretty good for it's age and it has an awesome gameplay. Come and join it now!

I have loads of other screenshots if these are not satisfactory. :c

My favorite character being Rebecca Chambers fyi :x
How can a review be unofficial?
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Well, thanks for the critizm, but it was not required. I say its "Unofficial" because I neither work for any of the games I review, nor do I call myself an official reviewer. So, to be safe, I say unofficial.

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