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Well first I wanna say, I'm really happy about getting membership, not sure who gifted it for me, but whoever it is, they rock! I'm still trying to figure out how to edit the site, it's like all the CSS code I do don't work, but I'll keep trying.

I finally got True Element listed, I'm pretty psyched about getting it finished. The quest system works perfectly, I'm thinking about adding a bunch more, it's fun making quests, and I had fun doing them. I'm also thinking about adding a trade system, and item tiers.

Ok, now after roaming BYOND's games for a bit, aside from the fan games, there are a lot of cool mini games. So I sort of slept on an idea, and came up with this mini game I'm planning to make. I'll probably have a demo out today. I don't wanna go into details yet because well, a lot of stealers out there >.> You never know.

Anyway thanks again to whoever gifted this for me, I seriously really do appreciate it.

I'll probably be posting a lot, I'm crazy about updating, XD
Oh good luck, I really enjoyed your game, the combat seemed pretty good and it was quite an adventure.

Also if you'd like help with your Css, I don't mind trying,if you can work out how to give me *Manage layout* privileges.

Good luck with everything and welcome to the Member community :)
Thanks Teka! ^^
No problem lol your Rpg really does seem promising i only played it for 10 minutes, but i enjoyed fighting the guards and the nice intro and the combat/macro side of it all.

I wasn't too keen on the movable stat panels/tabs etc, they were all over the place lol

But anyway can you hurry up with this Mini-game =p, Byond's really starting to push out smaller, original mini-games at the moment :) woho!.

Ah also. may i ask.. what do you think of my newest css lol for my Other key:Timmy, Ignore the fact that it's completely anime based lol.
Looks epic ^^ I gotta start reading css tuts so that I can understand it.