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If you are a TRC library user and haven't done so already, please download the latest version of TRC. Alternatively, you can update your current version by simply changing the line:
var/e = world.Export("[REMOTE_ADDRESS]:59999?[list2params(cq_to_export)]",,,clients)
var/e = world.Export("[REMOTE_ADDRESS]:59999?[list2params(cq_to_export)]",,1,clients)
TRC will no longer accept non-persistent connections; once the security update is complete, any intercepted SYN packets (e.g. non-persistent BYOND Export()s) will result in a ban at the shell level. This change will go into effect next weekend.
So what exactly is TRC?
I've heard about it here and there but I never took the time to go in-depth on it.
TRC is a plug-in (library) that allows players in your game to communicate with people in other TRC-linked games. As an added bonus, it also sends out updates of new posts/private messages/etc. from the Terulia Forum Service.

I recommend that you check out [ this post/video ] for more information. However, there have been some major changes since that video was made, and it's now MUCH easier for your players to start using TRC.