Total Unique Users: 1572
Total New Users Since Last Version: 69
Total User Visits Since Last Version: 164

Total Bonuses Given: 62900
Total Bonuses Given Since Last Version: 1800

Total Asset Submissions: 164
Total Approved Asset Submissions: 96
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Version: 1

Total User Earnings: $207
Total User Earnings Since Last Version: $4
Total PopLava Earnings Since Last Version: $0

Total Withdraw Amount: $38
Total Withdraw Amount Since Last Version: $0

Total User Silver: 190977 ($190)

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Last Week:
Slow week for the RC. Still focused on figuring out all the licensing stuff for WinClickPro. I've also been looking into some dedicated hosting services for the RC which has required a little investment in learning VPS, Linux, and a variety of tools. I'm super close to having it hosted, just need to find a few missing files and it will be up and running.

This Week:
Thinking and needed recalibrations.