I forgot to mention I "bought" an iPhone last Thursday. By that I mean I paid nothing for it, and only pay $60.00 or so a month for if on a two year contract.

And before I get into it, I'm award the iPhone 5 is due out sometime this year, but the phone I had needed to be destroyed, it did. There's no other way to put it, it had lived a life it never should have.

So first off, it has one major design problem that I've found, the headphone jack is on the top. Opposite to the iTouch, and as far away from the menu button as humanly possible. It makes pulling out the phone to check the time just that little bit more cumbersome. and let's face it, the soul purpose of a smart phone is too let us all be that little bit more lazy.

So not so much a major design flaw but rather me being picky... Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it.

The main thing I've grown to love is the freedom of having the Internet in my pocket. Which was the only thing the iTouch lacked. Being able to order a pizza at work and have it at your doorstep seconds after you arrive home is the best feeling imaginable. Or at the very least, it's right up there.

I'm not very clued up on the details of my plan however. All I knew was, I wanted a new phone and I wanted off that prepaid crap. I'm keeping tabs on my data usage, but I'm fairly sure I'll be hard pressed to use two GB in a month on a phone. Especially since I don't get email on it, and very rarely will I catch myself on YouTube.

The only thing I found miserable was the fact you pay for custom ringtones. But a quick google search found me a way to make my favorite songs a ringtone. It's slightly more off the beaten track to make them work, but I suppose not paying for them is better. Though definitely a scummy move by Apple if you ask me.

That about sums this post up. I can only tolerate using this onscreen keyboard for so long.
If this is not going too personal or w/e. How many minutes are you allowed to call a month on $60.00 contract?

Because where I live 60 dollars contract for 2 years is pretty cheap for iPhone 4. We have to pay of course for the phone + admin costs(Where I live they try to take alot of your money with tax and unecessarily cost).

I honestly have no idea. I rarely use my phone for actual phone calls. On prepaid it was simply too expensive, at least on the pack I had.

As for costs, I literally walked into the telstra dealer, had a conversation and walked out with a new phone. Well, that's not quite how it happened, there's always a bit of drama, but that's the jist of what happened. No money was exchanged, though I could have very well signed my soul away.

And it's only just now, when I have a phone capable of those stupid mobile subscription services, do I realize, that I haven't seen an ad for them in ages. <3 Irony.
I just got an Android this weekend. 70 a month with unlimited data and mobile to mobile. Only had to pay 30 up front to the store. Best part it's not an Iphone :P.
Most of the hate for iPhones comes from programmers who hate Objective C or people who dislike OSX.

I very rarely hear a legitimate complaint.
You could argue that it's an Apple product, that seems legitimate. :P
That's covered under the statement "or people who dislike OSX". I just didn't think people would be that anal about Apple products.
I'm against the iPhone (and Windows Mobile phones) because neither are open platforms, as Android phones are. I dislike the closure that the others have. Mind, I don't have any of these three, and I haven't developed for any of them, so it's just an 'in principle' thing, but I'm always for a more open system.
See, that's a genuine complaint. But it falls under the programmer prerequisite. I doubt your average everyday joe cares or even knows about that kind of thing.