Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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When a variable is modified in the instance editor, it becomes bolded to reflect that it has been modified. If you edit it back to its original state however, it still remains bolded. The instance editor should unbold it if it's equal to the default value.
I tried to set that up in the past, and it's actually way more difficult than it sounds. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.
Well my take on a possibility of how this might work is it keeping track of changes with a list of items that aren't the default value & keep updating the list, if something is changed back it's removed from the list, whenever the list is back to 0 items then you know that it's the same as the original again.

---However you might need to store variables upon close & a corrupted list/in-correct list(older versions of BYOND had the changes put in so the list never got generated) might make this mess up.

That's my take on it, maybe generate the list for older BYOND projects automatically & after that it keeps track of everything.

Going through all the vars to check them however could waste a lot more cpu than needed however depending on the amount of variables, which is why I thought about this.

--Would something like this be able to be implemented to do it? Although I don't much care if this gets implemented it would probably be a nice thing to have for those who do use it so you don't have multiple instances shown of the same thing.