Naruto Unlimited

by Mav472
can i get unmuted -.-
Can you please host it?
Guys,just wait he's testing things and fixing bugs,wait untill the server is ready..
But I cant waint >:(
this game its awsome how much would it take until everthyng is fixed?
omfg masd just find a host shit -.-
He said server is on,but in hub it's not showing --'
its not on -.-
my game favorit
Man finally got double rakiri and before i could try it the server crashes lol
masd u banned my bro ummmm i forget his name but he was the 1 who kept asking 4 rain leader he was usin my comp -.- so can u un ipbann cuz u banned me his lil bro
Need a back up host/
Lol,always crashing.
Why the heck is byond saying im a guesr key when my key obviously is darck_blaze22. o.o It wont let me join this game or alot of others
Just check your preferences and that should fix it ^.^
why cant i join it just keeps loading
can someone help pleaase
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