It seems that I make this sort of "I'm still alive" post every other time I'm on here, but here's another!

A few months back, I posted that I had made some progress with some new Murder Mansion content, but shortly after that was when the Minecraft bug bit me, and that game swallowed up huge chunks of my computer time. :)

That is, up until a couple of months ago, when my hard drive imploded.

I managed to salvage our files off of it (had to hook it up in another computer as a slave, and run a file recovery/restore program, then burn everything into backup DVDs). However, the process removed all file names and directory structures. So, now I'm stuck with a stack of discs full of files (that are only organized by filetype) that I'll have to sift through to put everything back into its proper place. I have not done so, since we still do not have a working computer to put it all into (the entire thing needs to be replaced, but the spare cash and time have not been available lately)

This means that BYOND work is at an obvious halt. I'm confident that I have everything I need to put my projects back together, but there's actually a chance that I do not. I do have some fairly old backups, but all of my recent Murder Mansion progress might be long gone (but, since that's all I've worked on in literally years, my backups should be current for everything else). If that is the case, I'll probably be so frustrated that I'll be forced to put MM back on the shelf and work on something else whenever I get back into BYOND development.

I see that FUNimation has finally brought the Cease and Desist down on DBZ games on BYOND. I actually still plan to work on DBTC, but I guess no one but me will ever see It's not worth turning it into something non-DBZ, so that's out of the question.

I actually do have a list of other projects and ideas to work on, so perhaps this is all just some cosmic way of boosting those projects and ideas to the front of the

Anyways, don't expect to hear much more from me anytime soon, as I still do not have a working computer at home (this is a borrowed one) and no immediate plans/ability to rectify that situation. (plus, not having constant access to the internet at home has made me so much more productive around the But do not fear that I've died or moved on from BYOND.

I doubt I'll ever be able to leave it for good.
You need to be more active. >:[
Wow you made my all time favorite game on byond and you play/ed minecraft haha

Ill always be looking forward to more of your stuff!

Seeing as how I cannot find an e-mail or the such anywhere I'll just post this here, when you get a chance will you message me on BYOND? I want to talk to you about the progression of Murder Mansion in a deeper aspect. I currently, and frankly don't plan on stopping, host a 24/7 server and I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to assist you in the progression of Murder Mansion.
What!? Nooo... I loved DBTC...
SuperSaiyanGokuX, I'd like to ask you something. Could you by any chance be able to upload DBTC host files and send me the link to , we really need it and to tell you there are people that can still host it and people normally play the game, the host just had to reboot his computer completely and lost the host files so we need them.

Those are the host files guys..have fun.
Im sorry about your loss... A similar thing had happened to me recently that had caused a few of my games to corrupt so I completely Understand how you feel. anyway I hope everything gets better for you and I hope you never leave this dreaded place called Byond.