Night before last (I think it was), I joined a few BYONDers for a night of GunZ. I have to say, it was extremely fun. We had myself, Hikato, Scoobert, ZeroCrash, and Artekia. A while into the night, we had another clan challenge us to a match! We (the BBashers) accepted, and joined the game to find out they were all pretty high levels. The levels were as follows:

Volte, level 10
ZeroCrash, level 13
Scoobert, level 7 (I believe)
Hikato, level 11

Artekia had already left, so it was 4 on 4. They had two level 14s, a level 17, and a level 21. Now, a higher level doesn't mean they'll win. It just means they can equip higher level weapons that do more damage than ours, and have better armor and such.

They beat us pretty badly, but I don't think we did bad considering the level differences. It was a game of 30 rounds, and it ended 27 - 3. Either way, it was really fun, and we all got a lot of experience points and bounty points (money) from it. We'll have to do it again sometime! I highly suggest you check it out, it's a lot of fun!

GunZ Online -

I'm downloading the game right now. I currently play Final Fantasy XI a lot... does it compair to that? I mean, what do you do generally in the game? Also, if there is group or something people from around 'dese parts are in... let me know!
=D Can't wait to play.

Niclamus: It's an FPS, not an RPG.
Actually, it's not a FPS. =P
'Tis a TPS. =D
Woah hey, you're right.

A shooter, then. :S
Liek omgosh, dejavu!
I posted about gunz yesterday =P

Anyways, yes, it is a fun game. It's a shooter. Third Person.

And wow, man. We got schooled.
Oh Eff Em Gee! Add me! "[Ian]"
Niclamus; The graphics in GunZ remind me a lot of FFXI, but the gameplay is more like the Jedi Knight series, if you've ever played them (Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy). A lot of people say that GunZ is what people expected out of The Matrix Online. It's pretty neat!
Yeah, the clan fight was a lot of fun, as well as all the pratice we got.
I have to join you fella's for a match one day! :)
Hmm ive been looking into gunz and have a few questions for people who play it. One is it a good game. Two does it require payment or anything. Finally how do you play it just basicly walk around a giant area or like use text to find a group and then you get transported to a arena?
It is a good game by standards, although it sometimes can get frustrating.

It doesn't require payment.

Option number 2: you find a battle and join it, or make your own (like GunBound).
Yeah, level is nothing. I beat level 20s my first hour playing. Too bad you're all lower levels, unless you play in the free channels. (Level 21)
Hey, did they ever finish the quest stuff? I remember there being problems with it when I last left >_>
It's in the korean version...coming to the international one slowly...STUPID KOREANS...

Not to mention all the bugs me and Zenigwolf found within 10 or so minutes.
Oh, and they added some anti-hack program. So far from what I've seen it works.
I gotta download the damn update and torrenting is a bitch
Yeah, I find it unfair how I can upload 2MBps and have to download at a 10kb rate. =( Took me 2 hours today.