A new atom var, override, can be applied to images to make them appear in place of the atom's normal icon and overlays. This can be used to give a custom appearance for any atom to only certain players.
Applies to:DM Language
Status: Resolved (482)

This issue has been resolved.
It would be nice if images could completely replace the icon of the object they're attached to.
Well this is nice to see happening, it'll make life easier for some features I tried implementing in the past, I even proposed this on the normal forums before the tracker I think but I guess it never got moved over.

I have seen a lot implemented for 482 though which makes me want it to come out, but the one for the invisibility list & stuff BYONDHelp?command=view_tracker_issue&tracker_issue=1048 is the one I really wanted to be implemented, it has a lot of votes already but other stuff has been worked on instead.
1048 is still something I'd like to work out, but no one has come up with a syntax yet that I think is workable and I haven't thought of one either. The list idea is unlikely and bitflags are out of the question.
Nice! I can make lots of stuff invisible to a specific groups so much easier now. =D
I'm not sure I understand the exact purpose of this feature. I hope you release some kind of demo or an example along with the update!
I'm confused too. I have no idea what this:

A new atom var, override, can be applied to images

is supposed to mean. If it can be applied to images, isn't in an image var and not an atom var?

It sounds like it'll just hide the icon of the atom the image is attached for all players that can see the image. Maybe it'll cause movement animations to be played for the overriding image (which I don't think is currently possible), otherwise it doesn't sound much different than just attaching two images to the object and giving it no icon.
It's really meant to be an image var, but was easier to implement as an atom var. Basically it's an atom var that only has meaning for images.

You're right the original icon will be hidden if the image is visible. Movement and icon_state (if not overridden) will carry over per the other fixes/features.