Poll: What would you rather do?

Die being a Hero. 31% (7)
Live being a coward. 4% (1)
Fight being a soldier. 22% (5)
Suicide being lost. 13% (3)
Create being a follower. 9% (2)
Destroy being a leader. 18% (4)

The polls are now closed.


So simple, yet so lucky we are to have it. Life, in my opinion, is very rare and practically impossible. Atoms of living organisms make up the molecules within their cells, which make up the various parts of their body. These things include organs, muscles, bones, etc. For "advanced" organisms like Homo Sapiens, there are three main organs that make us who we are and allow us to live.

Lungs: Without these, our body would not be able to convert oxygen within the air into our lungs so that our cells can continue to keep us alive.

Heart: Realistically, it pumps blood throughout our body to keep fresh, oxygenated cells working. Spiritually (for some), it can be the place where their fears lie, their dreams expand, their hopes soar, and their love exist.

Brain: To our knowledge, the brain uses electric signals between neutrons and other various parts to think thoughts and send commands throughout our body. What if, though, it was more? What if the parts of the brain that currently have no uses DID have uses?


So simple. Yet so hollow and empty. It is similar to the color of black. Not in the way that we assosiate the color black with darkness and death itself, but the fact that black is the absence of color, not a color itself. Just like cold is the absence of heat, or darkness is the absence of light. Death is nothing more but the absence of Life. It is nothing more than pinching out a candle flame. It is nothing more than blinking and not being able to see light for a fraction of a second. Yet, there are many people who think they have figured out death. Here are the three most popular (In my opinion).

Afterlife: Heaven. Hell. You get the picture. "Shall I become drunk with my father's love or become scarred by my child's sins?"

Forsaken: Maybe our souls will just wander the real world and try to communicate with the living. "The modern ghost are not the echoes of the deceased, but the cries of those yet to be born."

Nothingness: Self-Explanatory. Nothingness is when life ends... and is just ended. Nothing occurs afterwards. Life is just a very complicated and delicate connection of millions of billions of trillions of things that must be perfectly sync'ed so that we can do the things we do, sayt he things we say, and think the things we think. "The World shall end but, not with a bang, only a whimper..."

I may not seem mature to most of you (especially those of you whom I constantly argue with), but I think I have become different. Months before, I was just another kid, another "sinner", another person walking through life, without a care in the world, and going no where with it. I did not begin thinking these deep, dark thoughts because someone englightened me, or because I lost a parental figure, or even just because of the death of someone close to me. (R.I.P Amber~).

It all began with a simple idea. A random though that I held onto and continued to poke and think about until I began to see life through different eyes. Began to doubt my beliefs and the beliefs of my parents, friends, and country. Began to think that life isn't as cracked-up' as it was before.

All in all, would you rather die as a hero for your family, country, religion; or would you live as a coward from your hopes, dreams, heart?
Well, anyone care to share their opinion with me here...? :c
I wouldnt want to die being a soldier. The last war where america was justified in entering was WWII. I would rather create as a follower. I'd like a leader to finally make sense and look forward instead of the draconian way we've seen this country being run.

I suppose though on a smaller level like for family I would die being a hero.
Understandable. But... really... define a hero? Taking a bullet for your mother? Killing a rapist/murderer but get mortally wounded?

What would really be the point other than to prolounge someone's life, and also their pain?

I also notificed from the polls that we have 4 adolf hitlers and someone lost who is contemplating suicide.
Somebody being a hero is entirely in the eye of the beholder. Your hero may not be mine, because your hero destroyed me in the process of helping you, even if its unintentional, or even if society would deem my destruction as morally just.

I'm also concerned for your outlook on life if you think it's just pain. Sure we have much to endure, but if I had a choice to be unborn or live on earth, I would pick here 100x over. I suppose the person who doesn't agree picked the suicide option.
That's not what I mean. As long as we are unsure of what happens after death or what lies before life, we will always rather be alive. But that doesn't make the pain and problems occuring worldwide any less dangerous, frightening, or hurtfull.

A hero isn't someone who suicides to save someone's life. A hero is someone who uses their life to intervene positvely into another's life.
Well, if someone died to save me I would think they're a hero. Even if they die in the process that doesn't take away what they did.

"As long as we are unsure of what happens after death or what lies before life, we will always rather be alive."

Well, nobody knows what happens after death, and no one knows the future either, and many people would rather die,and have committed suicide.

We all know the risks of living here. If you think the risks out-way the benefits, thats when you take your life.
I see then. Thank you for your opinion.