Total Unique Users: 1619
Total New Users Since Last Version: 53
Total User Visits Since Last Version: 125

Total Bonuses Given: 64475
Total Bonuses Given Since Last Version: 1575

Total Asset Submissions: 164
Total Approved Asset Submissions: 94
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Version: 0

Total User Earnings: $227
Total User Earnings Since Last Version: $20
Total PopLava Earnings Since Last Version: $0

Total Withdraw Amount: $38
Total Withdraw Amount Since Last Version: $0

Total User Silver: 217793

Top 3 Earning Amounts:
??? - 91854 ($91.00)
??? - 45800 ($45.80)
??? - 28000 ($28.00)

First Sergeant: 1
Recruit: 1096
Private: 92

Total Contributors: 56

Slow traffic week but we had a couple large buy-ins so everyone should log-in and check out their active member payouts.

Apparently the hosting is working out well enough. No complaints anyway. I myself ran into a problem where my own avatar had broken images which people had come across before but I could never repro. Having it hosted will give me more visibility into performance issues like this.

Lummox resolved the Resource Centers #1 bug which is awesome and I look forward to removing a ton of code and network calls to workaround that problem. In short, I had to force IE to repaint all browser controls for each navigation otherwise, the user would get artifacts in the browser instead of the original content.

I'm going to check into bandwidth usages so far and possibly extend the hosting service if it looks good.

I'm also going to put some consideration into axing (placing on hold) the PM. It's primarily focused on enhancing the contributor space but we have so few active contributors that I can hardly justify working on such a large beast. I may reroute my attention and focus on enhancing the buyer space.
wait what. Someone made 90 bucks?
Yup. Will mostly likely break the $100.00 mark real soon.
and here I am sitting at 3rd place... :[
Hmm not sure whats causing the lag when you first enter the RC and then can't check your messages for about a minute I find it pretty annoying sometimes other than that nice job so far.
The lag is all the RC resources (not assets) downloading to your machine over the course of about 2-20 seconds depending on your internet speed. I'll work on improving it. Thanks for the feedback.