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After playing so many mmo's I've been trying to make True Element 3D! That would be hard being that the foundation is already far into the making. Too bad no? Well I do wanna add a zoom in and out system for it. That wouldn't be too hard. Just wish BYOND would make another view though. Anyway this is just a pitch/idea, but we all know how BYOND allows us to switch views, Isometric, and Top Down. Well what if there was another view called, IDK something like
"3D Plane". Where the map would be placed in a ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE. And many vars that correspond with that. Like per_dist(client)(params= targ,dist) would show how many tiles away from the specific target the camera would be. All turfs are FLAT. And objects, atoms, and mobs icons stand up as the icon shows it. And maybe a world var called horizon, how many tiles can the player see. And a client var called sky, which is an obj that is placed in the empty space passed the horizon, but that can also be done using client.screen so I don't really know.
This is just an idea by the way. I've already searched the forums for ideas like this, everyones saying it can't be done, whatever. I'll just try to do it. I've posted this idea so other people can try. Hopefully I can get a demo around. But until then I'll just try to update True Element with some of these 3D features. See how it goes. It's always nice to try something new. Really pushes BYOND forward.
3D is not possible with BYOND unless a native system is released. Screen objects do not update fast enough and rendering those objects would add to that initial slowness.

The system prides itself in being able to run on older systems. As far as I know the oldest systems people use nowadays are around windows 2K. The system has proven itself to be able to run 3D at a 64-bit level just fine.

However though it is possible for BYOND to gain 3D mechanics and still run fine on older OS, at this moment it is a far-off dream in relation to the engine's current state which doesn't even support native pixel movement.
Darn shame, but I guess I could try to implement as many 3D-ish features as I can.
In resposne to Yut Put:
*cough* *cough* *hack*
In resposne to Yut Put:
*cough* *cough* *hack*

Wow! That's awesome, It's like an exact example of the coding I mentioned.
I was leaning towards an actual 3D system rather than a doom type thing. I've actually tried to accomplish the 2.5d illusion with javascript in dream maker, and it was great except it ran at 10 FPS because of byond's slow browser.(and tick lag does not affect the browser)