Great while working on Kekkaishi online today i decided to take a break. Well i watched two episodes of Gundam MS 08th team then precided onto the third. The sound was off so i switched to Gundam Seed Density. Well on the first two seconds on the ENGLISH DUBBED MIRROR located on ANIMEFREAK TV i was attack by a virus, causing me to lose EVERYTHING on my LAPTOP from my KEKKAISHI ONLINE FIlES to a side project i had with two friends, my MUSIC, PICTURES, CLASS ESSAYS, & PRE-CAL ACCESS PASSWORD. Now i'm totally fucked with limited alt's. Luckly i have some essays saved on my flashdrive and my pre-cal password on my phone, the side project is safely on a friends pc but my KEKKAISHI ONLINE files are somewhere on a lose flashdrive either in my room, dorm room, or somewhere on Campus. If its not located in one of the first two locations the project is dead as i have no other back ups unless the files are still on my Desktop at home.
Sad doood sad. Thats why I use google and pre-check all the websites I use.
man i'm so fucking pissed right now
You should also back-up your files on at least two other computers and update the back-up'ed files weekly.
Yeah i usually do that, so when i went to go back up my files i was shocked to see that wasn't even set up
I recommend using Dropbox for the next time, to save your essay/projects. It's a virtual network folder that's stored in your account. You can even share the folder that's stored in that network folder with your friends account. I use it to save all my projects and essays.

I hope this won't ever happen again because it's really fucked up to lose your project. It happened to me all the time. :(
wow i hope its in ur home computer cuz u really put mad work into it
And what? Every deleted file can be recovered using special programs even after the harddrive format, just google it.
Well i might try what you said, but other than that the kekkaishi files are gone and i just got the side project files from my friend so i'll be putting everything into that