by Acebloke
[AMT] Join the war or build a city
Wow, this doesn't happen too often these days!

There is a new update for Wargames, the first one, and not the recoding one I've been working on. It was mostly intended as a bug fix, but is juicy enough in that it actually has some new features.

My intention is that even after the recoded first game is release, the current version will remain. I've already set up a new hub page for the new one, and will rename the old "Retro Wargames" upon release.

Subscriptions will therefore count for three games instead of two at that point, at no planned extra cost (thats 5/$10 a year).

This version updates makes the game a tiny bit more helpful, namely the reasons why you should listen to the advice box on your approval rating, the text for the Space Research explaining which buildings speed them up, and less spam when hitting the income cap at each age.

There are three new features: The first is a link from employment rate to income, I wanted to do this for awhile now, but you should find its quite hard to make a sustainable economy without a decent employment rate anyway, see notes below for details on how it works.

Secondly, Alliance say has been moved over to its own little window, you get both an input and an output box, making it easier to split this away from the main window. Further versions will probably split away other things too.

Finally, as promised, I've developed some filters for the combat list. This means your available target list can be reduced to some you favour. I've made one for specific alliances, less land and lower era than the player nation. Any other filters people would like I'll make (but I won't be making one for those with less defence than you have attack ;p) if they are sensible enough.

On a special note, I've included a debug message that only I can see in the event of turn crashing, it seems to effect most, but not all hosts and I really need to get to the bottom of it, so if it does occur to you, can you try and alert me (page me, even if I'm offline) and I'll connect and discover what it is exactly that it is.

I don't know when this will get another update, but even after the recoded version is out I'm planning to keep this around. Full notes for this update is below:

* Fix: Terraform disappeared in the last patch, brought back.
* Fix: Fixed a minor bug where people restarting in Mountain or Arid tiles would end up with Plains graphics instead.
* Fix: Fixed a major bug where people restarting in Eastern Style tiles would end up with nothing at all.
* Fix: Some of the Flag options in Seat of Government wasn't coming up, fixed.
* Fix: Patched up the text of the 9801 land medal.
* Change: I've decided to mention what buildings help space research, where their costs are.
* Change: I've changed some of the help messages regarding your approval rating, particularly jobs, food, hospitals to explain their effects.
* Change: You will now get bugged less when hitting the income cap, once everytime you log in, and after upgrading eras.
* New: I've done it! I said I would one day. Income is now linked to some degree to your employment rate.
- Your income will not go under 10% even if your employment rate is, however remember that education also effects income.
* New: Alliance say has been moved over to its own window, this makes far more sense and allows you to use a seperate input and output box dedicated to it.
- Its also very handy in the sense that it will pop up when an alliance member talks for all members. I also changed it from red to pink text.
* New: As promised, there is now a couple of filters on the attack menu. This is untested but 90% it works.
- One is for alliance, pick the alliance out of a list. Another is for less land than your own nation, and a further one for a lower age. "All" sends you back to default.

* Special: Due to the continuing issue of turns stopping, I've included a debug for myself to track it. In the events of turns stopping, or even slowing down please alert me so I can use this to discover the problem. Thanks.
Not to put down these wonderful updates but why no progress on other games? All you ever update really is Wargames and Wargames2. Why not any of the others (Which of course, could use some AMH :D)
A number of reasons I guess:

Its probably noticable, but the only games I tend to update or even blog about are: Wargames (and its variants), Dreamland, Law of the Board and Survive This!

This is because they all have elements of player modification, minus Wargames1 which has always been my flagship game, and I have far more interest in that than others. Dreamland takes a lot of work for a visible update, and Survive This! is more of a seasonal development game. Law of the Board gets the least attention because it has the least interest.

I need constant bugging about other games; I only really updated Wargames2 twice in two days because it was hosted and needed immediate bug fixes to be playable. If you want other games updated, let me know and bug me often, lol!
Just to confirm, hosting games of mine that suck/break is often a good way of pushing me to fix it in order to save face.