I'd like to apologize to those that have shown enthusiasm towards the project Stranded and have been disappointed with my lack of development. The reason I took down my last post was the same reason you're all not enjoying the feeling of carving open animals (or people) to find goodies in the form of bloody organs. I decided I needed to sit down and redo a lot of the older codes, much of which were written at a time I was new to DM and heavily referencing the DM guide. Then recently midterms coupled with "end of semester papers" and finals all seem work together (and instead of being all in sync allowing me to do things) they butt raped my schedule eating up almost all of my time.

TL;DR: Sh-life got busy.

Anyway, It's almost over and I'm finding more time to get back to my fun lil' hobby Stranded. Picking up where I left off more or less.

- I had made combinations work not only with over 2 ingredients but still work via drag and drop if the recipe is only 2.

- The digging and cave system is also different, seeing how other games handled digging (and wanting to go for a more 'dynamic' map since I'm slowly working towards random maps) I'm making a separate underground level you can dig to.

- I've also added a few fancy pop ups for occasions such as writing or deaths. (pictures included)

- Also made rivers work off a 'source' then 'run' slightly randomly towards the ocean.

- Implementing a high-score save system. (Similar what I did on MAYHEM my other game) Your skills will be saved via the high-scores (excluding the starter skill)

Enough with system stuff, now with fun features!

- Trees and plants are all capable of being chopped down, foraged from and replanted via seeds. (No more shall banana trees be just as impassible as solid rock!)

- Wrapping up a container system (Since my old code had 5-8 different items to carry water/salt water etc.) Now containers can carry anything liquid by holding the liquid item for you.

- Added Athletics, Taming, and Crafting.

-- Athletics gives you 1 damage per level (max 10 like all skills) and also improves other factors like throwing distance.

-- Taming lets you train NPCs (animals and natives) higher levels let you have more 'pets' at a time, allow you to give more complicated commands and attempt to train smarter animals.

-- Crafting is a skill that is raised through creating any item (outside of smithing) including clothes, which raises that item's 'Integrity'.

- Item Integrity: As you use items they eventually break (tip: items will have a 'hard' value to them smashing items together deals integrity damage to the softer item (or both if they are close in value) Future-Tip: Items bumping into each other mid-air works too, and trees will have a 'hardness' value too.

At the moment I'm wrapping up what ever codes I had left unfinished (which is 1/3 of the codes above) and then going to run a update.


Any ideas are welcomed - if it involves adding a independent item (instead of a system) I'll most likely add it. An example of a independent item: carving bones into dice which roll 1-6.

I ask more or less any bugs reports to be held off until the update as most likely those bugs are addressed. Thank you.
Huh, go figure. I've been thinking about a nice game involving islands, and Stranded fits that bill pretty well. Randomly generated islands that you can explore and do whatever on. Good work, Jittai. I'll be on the waiting list to play.
Actually I haven't tackled totally random island chains - the initial release is just 1 big island to force interaction.

I'll take a stab at it after this update that's coming soon. Hopefully with in a week.
I'm looking forward to it. Good luck, Jittai. I have the game on follow, so I should get told when it's up.
I like the way that in between the time you said "Hello Mr.Native" and "How do you do?" the native had already killed you.

I guess he wasn't very friendly :(