While I've been looking around on peoples member pages, I've been seeing people edit their comment boxes so it's a certain size. They've done this by creating a CSS rule for the id blog_comments_box. Now this is fine, but the problem with it is when you scroll, your blog comments title goes with the scrolling. So a tip for you would to be instead of creating a CSS rule for blog_comments_box, create a CSS rule for site_comments_div. For example:

#site_comments_div {

You will also notice in this example that there's a rule for "max-height". Now the reason I have done "max-height" is because if your blog doesn't have many comments on it, then it might not go up to 400 pixels. So the max-height will make it so it can be smaller than 400 pixels, but not higher.

Hope this helps.

I have done this for the guilds comment box if you would like to see how it works.
This post is purely aimed at me, I'm 99% sure..

And i thank you Master Liam, my teacher and constant Css superior. :)
It was lmao, I noticed it on a lot of the CSS you'd done lmao, so I decided to let everyone know a little "neater" way of doing it.
Compared to you i have no understanding of Css, I use chromes inspect element feature to find and figure out appropriate boxes to alter etc.

I have no idea how i would have figured out that #site_comments_div even exists for use.

I'm not used to the term Div, and where it's used or how.
A div tag just defines a "section" of a html document. I found that #site_comments_div css rule by highlighting the comments, and right clicking it and going to "View Selection Source" in firefox, and the div tag had an ID of "site_comments_div", so since it was an ID, I put a # instead of a . (# = ID, . = class) for the css rule.
Both of you should contribute to my CSS Guild Cheat sheet.
<---@ Useful CSS tools.
My youtube page will fit nicely there soon lol. As I'm going to be making website tutorials, which will include CSS lol.