Some people are celebrating, some people are nervously watching those who are celebrating, and others are gingerly sipping tea while exchanging knowing nods of approval at each other. It's certainly been an eventful week, one which will most likely fester in the dark, moist crevices of my skull, eventually becoming a distorted amalgamation in my senior years.

What will I remember this particular day for? Well, the start of strawberry season of course. If not for their sweet, sometimes tangy taste, but for the fact that my brother is allergic to them and I get ALL THE STRAWBERRIES. Ahahaha!

Now that Profile Network is being added I should be able to drastically improve the network performance in Decadence, something which has been a nuisance from day one. It wont be overnight, it might not actually be a noticeable change, but with the new developer tools I'll be able to focus in like a laser on problem areas and alleviate some network stress. In the mean time I'm going to drop the subscription price down to $5 a year. I intend to keep my word and add something special for those who paid a premium when the game was first released. For everyone else you can still get a lifetime subscription for $20.

I've taken up KhaosParadox's WritingANewOne's job offer to work on a stand-alone prologue to Eternia. I've worked on it for about a week and a half and have already made great progress. All I can say at this point is it's really nice to be working on a project where all the artwork has already been made by incredibly talented artists.
I'm excited to see what you do with Eternia. I assume you guys aren't doing any pixelized movement system.
You assume correctly. Pixel movement does not suit an MMO, much less an MMO with real-time combat. Khaos and I have gone over the core feature list and have come up with something which plays towards BYOND's strengths while negating its weaknesses.

There seems to be a big commotion over on the feature tracker for pixel collision, but honestly I would rather see much more practical features added in its stead. Stuff like client-sided icon manipulation or mobius strip maps would also be much more welcomed additions.
I am excited to know you are working for Eternia, and even more excited by your optimistic report on how much artwork is complete =)
Haha I live right next to the strawberry fields tormenting your brother, well probably a close one lol.
Pstt, knock $5 off of the amount that i donated to you in the past. lol

Sounds cool, looking forward to Prologue :D combat system seemed nice ;)
Teka123 wrote:
Pstt, knock $5 off of the amount that i donated to you in the past. lol

I already hooked you up with a lifetime subscription, though, that particular perk is unrelated to what I have planned. I just wish some of those other games which weren't even released (and got double what I was donated) were able to repay the favor.