I'm thinking about completely scrapping True Element and starting a new rpg. I'm not gonna make this a poll cuz I feel this decision is mainly for me. When I compare my rpg to many of the others in BYOND, mine looks like nothing, or at least in my eyes. But hey, things always come out better the second time or time after that. So hopefully, new hopes for this rpg.

Also, I feel it's fair to say, yes I'm coding for a fan game. Why? Because, right after we're done, we're going fully original. There's nothing wrong with getting some awareness right?
But I'm capable of handling a few things at once. I'll program for the fan game, throw in a couple of mini games here and there, and work on the new rpg as well.
I feel the only thing wrong with True Element, or the wrong steering it took, was me not having a devoted pixel artist. I need someone who's devoted to PA if I wanna manage to make an RPG that will compete with the many others. If you're willing to offer your services, comment or add my MSN:
Feel free to add me even if you don't wanna PA, but I really do need a Pixel Artist.