Today is my birthday!
As celebration, if you play my Pokémon game, say the words "happy birthday" in World Say to get some special unlocks. (This will only work for this single day, so get it while you can.)
May rules... got the 7th XD

Anyways... happy birthday! :P
happy birthday =D
1 question how too make your site like this you need to be a subsriber/member or something or can everybody do this?
mijin, you edit your CSS layout... but you gotta be member
Happy birthday man.! And no April rules.!
Happy birthday :)

10 years in Byond and i have not made a birthday post, i think i will this time around :)
Damn it. A couple seconds after reading this I realized that I missed my third BYONDay not too long ago.

Anyway, happy birthday =)
Happy Birthday! I know I am late saying this, and I also missed the event, but ya know. Happy Birthday!