Today is May 1st 3rd, and I Stephen challenges you to Get Something Done. I'm not going to be online much, but seeing Stephen's latest post reminded me that May is traditionally my "promise to do stuff, and try and drag other people along" month.

The rules of the challenge are thus:

1: Choose a project, old or new. The project can be anything, so long as it is substantial (not something small and trivial).

2: Publicly announce that you are taking up the challenge; be clear about what will constitute a success. Comment on this post (include your project info) to be added to the official roster of participants.

3: Accomplish your goal before June 1st (the month of failure, disappointment, and regret).

This year I will be relaxing a former rule: You can choose to finish the project that you are currently working on IF you have not already scheduled its release.

But what's a challenge without a theme? Let me find some random things about the house to use as optional themes...

1: Nature. By this I mean green, growing, non-exotic plants.

2: Break.

3: Noodles.

Keep in mind that using a theme is completely optional, and that there is no prize for winning.

As for me, I'll write a short story. I'll consider anything 1000 words or longer a success, and shoot for around 5000. My story will take place in a mining town in the middle of an ice age. Think of it as a possible future with fictional technology.
Again?? :o


I'm currently working on Faction Wars 2.
I'm going to get it done this month. >:]

Currently, my plan is to get the game playable with a small close quarters map.

The internal alpha will require that the map saves and loads, and that at least one character class is playable.

The public beta will require that everything sans vehicles are in working order.

My goal is to reach public beta by the end of this month.

Right now, core systems and frameworks are in, like controls and projectiles and so forth..
Map shadow baking is in. I need to implement map loading and then I can get to alpha fairly quickly from there.

[EDIT]: I would work on finishing FrostBurn, but some funky BYOND bugs are hindering progress.

[EDIT 2]: You know Iain, speaking of Map Loading... >:P
I'm starting a new project. It's going to be retro and I'm trying to decide whether it will be an action game or more RP-oriented building game. Either way, I want there to be some sort of feature that allows the players to express creativity.

My game is incomplete on June 1st unless there is at least 1 detailed map, stage, level, or whatever I decide to call it, some sort of combat system, and some sort of AI ( I.E. monsters ). The game will also need to be down loadable, have a custom interface, a help file, and ( the most toughest thing of all ) a name.

One neat thing I plan to do with this game is deviate from the norm a little bit. I'm tired of classes honestly - knight, wizard, ranger... it's all going out the window with this project. I will also try to have generated maps, but since I don't know how to do this yet, I won't make it a requirement for the game to be complete.

Keep in mind this is a new project, I have not started on it, just coming up with all the ideas right now. I should at least have an idea of what I will want the characters to look like by tonight.
D4RK3 54B3R wrote:
[EDIT 2]: You know Iain, speaking of Map Loading... >:P

If there's something missing from the dmp suite, tell me.
I got loads of things I want to do, but don't want to commit to one just yet.

I'll definatly want to release a new Wargames version with new features, but that's a bit boring and something I was working on before anyway.

I've had complaints that I'm too Wargames centric lately; so I think my goal will be to finish up a project which is not usually worked on.
Ah geeze, has it really been a year since the last one already? Considering my terrific failure at it last year, it might not be the best idea to enter, but to hell with good ideas. I'm taking another shot at that Pokemon Trading Card Game Game of mine, Pokemon Masters. Which I don't think I've even touched since the last Get Something Done. Completion will be a fully working duel-system with statistics and the original set of cards! It's not really as much as it sounds like... I can do this! Probably...
I'll finish a stereotypical sidescroller I've be working on (and by stereotypical, I mean its full of stereotypes, though I guess you could consider it an average sidescroller) called Super Kenyan. Also, I've already got the nature theme covered, marijuana is a powerup.
i just added the big man and barrrack obama as playable charters in sb&hj byond
I talked about my challenge in my blog, though here's a short summary;

I will create an engine to generate islands at run time that will be varied and at least semi-interesting. I should be able to save these islands into a file, or discard unwanted ones.
Mini Fighters,a Street Fighter styled game featuring combos,planing to have 5 different characters with their own skills each.Testing Video on hub lol.
I've got a project that I just started, haven't announced, and will make a post on tomorrow morning now.
I'd like to release a version of MeanderGall.
I don't need shenanigans to work on my projects.
Hrm, I think I'll start working on Proximity again. I'd consider it a success if I get it to a playable stage, but I'll aim to get in some nifty features and additional game modes.
I'll try to get WinClickPro and have it licensed, protected, and published by June 1st.

Dev_Chat. A chat client that focuses on developers, including several collaboration tools. (Not just showcode) ;P
Iain, how about pledging to update Casual Quest? ;)
SuperAntx wrote:
Iain, how about pledging to update Casual Quest? ;)

He already pledged to get his short story done. We can bug him to make a game about it after it's done. ;)
SuperAntx wrote:
Iain, how about pledging to update Casual Quest? ;)

Sure. I've already got an update for CQ ready, I'm just waiting on this one guy who didn't want me to release it until something on his end was finished.
I'm going to try and release Zombie Online Survival by June 1st, or get it to a presentable state!
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