Bleach:Downfall Of The Arrancar

by Ryan-hemsley
Bleach:Downfall Of The Arrancar
A new bleach game currently under development
Keywords: adimin, arrancar, bleach, gm, host, icon
Bleach:Downfall Of The Arrancar has started production today. Looking for a Host and Iconers. Also i will need admins once the game is up apply on forums
Host needed badly as the game is ready to go up
how are you? are you tired of waiting for grand j to put his game back up again also?
What about rise of the uchihas? o.o
Enough people are wanting to host Rise of the Uchiha Joker can even host 24/7 check the comments
How come that bleach game was only up for like 4 days
The bleach game was an old game i made, i just kept hub coz pisti uses it for his bleach eternity source
Hey ryan i was banned from rise of the uchiha's by HGM tobi, please unban? x.x
QQ abuser
Hi, i whas banned by marcus can i get unbanned?
Ryan you didnt send me the source
come on dude
WOOT new host is immature he banned me because i complained about lag
when is rise of the uchihas going to be back up!
aw i thought we were going to get a moba based off bleach
Sup ryan i need help on Code please help me
hey ryan if your looking for a great hoster or temp one whos very good who can host without lag and runs it all the time i can do it for you add me on pager or reply to my email
So like, Ryan, I'm working on NNB and you were like, everyone's favorite player, it'd be epic if you came on once in a while to help boost things up.~
yo i really like bleach dota but its like never up now a days =/ idk if its the hoster or what but can you put it back up again v.v plus i was trying to get more people to join
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