by Falacy
Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
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it looks like a good place to share icons from outside but inside its just a bunch of dumbass calling each other gay. and people are just like riping icons.. the only smart people dont talk because they dont want to hear about how they suck "dic" .
I told them i was writing a review here was a comment i got about that. "stfu no 1 cares
"- bagholic

heres some good other quotes i have
"promise want me 2 slide my sack acroos ur face 2 make u feel better?" -bagholic
"FUCKING CUNT" -promise unkown

but inall this is one of the best programs to share icons on if you want to give your icons away.

also anyone want to help on the sb&hj byond project i would aslo apricate if mod listed stickman maze as a orginal game and not a fan game as it is not based of anything
Me and LordAndrew be trollin' up in there.
Is this really a review? Wtf, my eye's vomited shit, like the type of shit that Donald Trump talks every now and then.
Great Read. A++++

ur game is cool can i have gm lol
dude i still need coders you can help with it i guess
Great review.
lol these comedy review's are brilliant :D

I like the humor, the spelling, the typo's, the grammar and the presentation.
can have mod in stickman game? plz!