According to BYOND and Within #12, this is the next big thing I guess?

These are some screenshots from a dynamic map generator I created 2 years ago.

Now we just need people to start making games to go along with their map generators.
I think the next big thing will be games.
Any plans on releasing the map generator?
DivineTraveller wrote:
Any plans on releasing the map generator?

not at present. The iterative refinement rules are specific to the icons being used, so unless I also release the icons (as an example of how to use it), the generator would be pretty useless to the layman. And since the generator and icons are both being used in a game I've been working on (which may never be finished, but who knows...), I don't think releasing them would be a good idea for the time being.
Those look pretty nice.
I never said procedural generation was the next big thing. It's merely my area of interest. Outside of allowing players to produce their own, I generally abhor manual content creation. I believe designers should be able to use critical thought to identify issues and take advantage of all possible permutations. =)