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I cannot wait for Naruto World and Bleach Evolution to come out.
RR05 still need a programmer?
Anime HQ wrote:
RR05 still need a programmer?

Yeah he needs a programmer. :)
Masterralphy55 wrote:
Anime HQ wrote:
RR05 still need a programmer?

Yeah he needs a programmer. :)

your working with him? And if so I told him I would love to help him so talk to him

Well, seeing as getting good pixel artists is downright impossible for an anime game, I would like ask if I can join up here. I have a worthy Anime game that spawned about 3 years ago, but has never seen the light of day because of no artists and lack of motivation. I've reached another spike in my interest of it, and am trying to continue it. I offer you my services as a programmer in exchange for the artist's services on my game.

Does that sound fair?
Ohh Anime <3!!! Of course you can help :3!
Albro we'll have to talk more because it depends on how my pixel artist feel about it, and this game you speak of can we make it under AHQ?

and RR05 that's great just give me some time.
Sorry, but as of right now I am resigning my offer. It may or may not come back at a later time.
ok no problem. Would you still be interested in programming for us?
Not right now. I have too much going on right now.
Is there a reason to why I'm still on the GFX Artist list? o.o
@Albro ok kool

@Masterralphy55 I beilieved you are still one of our GFXers right?
contact me at
Kwaku Boakye wrote:
contact me at

Anime, add me on pager, i need your skills.
ok add my msn:
This is dead. Defiantly.
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