"Every mistake I've made leaves a scar that burns every day, yet I still carry on"
-Breathless by Asking Alexandria

Hello there, friend. How have you been lately? I've been alright, but just to kill time I'm going to blog my recent life.(yay..)

As far as DM goes..

Well both of my projects have been on hiatus for awhile and will likely remain that way until school lets out. I've been struggling to keep a couple a grades afloat(AP U.S. History blows) and my free time has been spent with my girlfriend, playing Pokemon Black, or swimming. I'll be sure to make it up to you guys. Oh, that somehow reminds me..

For the last damn time, I need a pixel artist to help do graphics for Zombies! who won't start appearing offline whenever I try to contact them. It's starting to get old, guys.

I MIGHT even be generous enough to pay you. *OMFG HIDDEN TEXT*

And for real life..

I'm going to Warped Tour! >D
Asking Alexandria, A Skylit Drive, and A Day To Remember. Hell. Yes. Me and my friend got tickets to go and I'm like, super siced over it so, yeah..

Oh yeah. This is old news but Kumorii actually cut his hair to an above eye-level length. You may commence the "wats" now.
My grandmother came up from Florida last weekend and she hates my long hair so I did the "good grandson" thing and cut it. /tear


How are you doing, BYOND?
I'd love to hear how your life is going and how luxurious or shitty it may be. So go ahead and tell a possibly child-molesting stranger about your real life. What's the worst that could happen? ;)

ANYWAY, I'm going to stop seducing your eyeballs and get some sleep.

Goodnight, you sexii beast, you. ;)


P.S. Thanks to Teka for the amazing CSS.
I want a sexy CSS too.
Talk to Teka, bro.
He's been pumping out CSS' for people left and right and knowing Teka, I doubt he would mind throwing one together for you. [: