Well i've never made a B-day announcement since i started on Byond, but today i feel like i'll follow the trend of the average Byonder these days.

I'll be going out a little later on, and i'll probably not remember the evening/night/morning so it should be quite enjoyable.

I'm now 23 and one step closer to my midlife crisis and then retirement, Oh i can't wait, I wonder how long i'll stick around Byond for now, i think it'll still be quite a few more years :)

Anyway hope you all have a nice day and i'm sure mine will be enjoyable to, though it may leave me a little worse for wear afterwards.

Thank you to everyone who's been my friend in my life, It's a shame none of my real life friends want to be active on Byond anymore.

And from the heavens i look down on you all..

Just kidding lol, but what a lovely day!
Happy birthday =)
Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day :)
Happy Birthday ^^
Happy birthday.
Excuse me sir but could you get out of that picture, I'm trying to check your hedges out!
Happy Birthday, push some lines today.
Happy B-Day!!
Merry Birthday Teka !!
Happy B-Day.

Your present from me: The Authority to blow up China.

Good luck Soldier.

Happy Birthday Tekaaa!!!
Happy B-day Teka!!!!
Happy Bday!
Happy B-Day
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday mate :)
Happy Birthday Sir!
Happy Birthday! :)
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