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Completed the Obfuscation, Licensing, and Setup for WinClickPro. What a frelling chore! I've always been confused about why experienced developers don't moonlight and I think I know why. It's way too much work to package and sell. Writing apps is easy... selling them is just a complete nightmare.

Anyway, I intend to release it at work and let people play around with it. I'm hoping to find any stupid licensing bugs via co-workers before publishing it online.

A part of my ongoing success has been two things.
#1. The TF2 uninstall. I could only resort to NetFlix but I could control myself a little better and get some stuff done before watching Sons of Anarchy.
#2. Spending less time at the computer. Apparently, more gets done when you spend less time doing it. :P I'm pretty sure that I'm getting a ton done because I'm less fatigued. Not only that but I've done an amazing amount of other non-computer based stuff in the last week.

Feels real good. I can't wait to publish WinClickPro because it means I get to move on to bigger and better things.

I'm going to release a 90 day trial license to a couple of co-workers tomorrow. If all goes well, I will release a two week trial license to everyone at my work. After two weeks of bug fixing and what-not, I will post it online with a 30 day trial. Within those two weeks, I will be readying the online payment page with PayPal.

but first, I sleep.
...your problem is that you actually added DRM to your program. I think I've already said this to you, but its a total waste of time; even the best DRM can be circumvented pretty quickly, and its annoying for everyone but pirates.