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All of the new features that are in the pipeline will make NEStalgia a much better game, but at the end of the day the playable content is what will keep people coming back for more. For NEStalgia to keep players interested and retain them over longer periods of time, we're going to need to get a system going where we're releasing new content on a monthly basis. Before that happens, however, players will need to wait patiently for a couple months as we prepare a very large content update that will drop later this summer.

The Next Big Content Patch
The next chapter of NEStalgia's story will be very different, and much more non-linear. At the behest of King Balzack players will immediately be given their very own boat and be tasked with searching for the remaining Luanan Runes. With the whole world waiting for exploration on the open seas, the decision about where to start the search will be up to you.

Although I don't want to post too many spoilers, on the agenda will be exploring an obligatory Pyramid dungeon, creating the long-awaited Reforged Key, and settling a dispute between two towns on the brink of war. The journey will also include encounters with memorable characters from earlier sections of the game - most notably everyone's favorite slime-obsessed quest giver from Ennar.

The question that I get bombarded with the most is "When are you raising the level cap?". Although I think that players are way too fixated on the level cap, those of you who have been pestering me will be happy to know that it will indeed increase dramatically with the next big content update. My guess is that we'll land somewhere around level 45.

More cool boss fights, more gear, and new types of items and quests will all be part of this huge release.

This big content patch is likely months away - it would be a miracle if we finished it before July. All of the new features that I unveiled this week will almost certainly come first. Hopefully the refinements and additions we have in the works will make playing through the new content a much more enjoyable experience.

All of this stuff is not the end of the game or the storyline... but it will hopefully be the last time that players have to wait so long for more playable content. With the entire world of NEStalgia finally opening up for exploration, future minor content patches will be much easier to integrate. After this summer we should be able to deliver new NEStalgia content (new towns, new stories, new dungeons, etc) on a monthly basis.

There are a ton of things that I'd absolutely love to add to the game right now, but I'm forced to temper my ambitions with the realities of limited time and resources. I'm trying very hard not to make promises for NEStalgia updates that I can't be sure to follow through on, and I'm also working hard to ensure that that which I have promised will be worth the wait!

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"I'm forced to temper my ambitions with the realities of limited time and resources."

Since this is the case, couldn't you look into finding additional game developers to help?
I have offered my services as a artist but all i get is we will be posting on recruiting
this upcomeing week or so and a month has past and nothing

What i think it is that silk is makeing bank and dont want to bring anyone new in as fear of a rip or the request for large amounts of money
The Huscarl wrote:
Since this is the case, couldn't you look into finding additional game developers to help?

Easier said than done, unfortunately. Both myself and others have approached a couple different BYOND developers who could be an asset to the project, and they've all been too busy to commit. The pool of capable people who know how to use DM is rather small these days.

Even if we were to find someone, I can't pay them much and it would take them a long time to get acquainted with NEStalgia's code base before they could be of much help.

Spiff and I can actually handle quite a bit, but I've been incredibly distracted this past month and have barely had a chance to give Spiff direction or do anything myself. I think that you'll find that when I'm working on the game "full time" over the course of the next month or two, things will move pretty quickly.

Also, tomorrow's blog post will be about how we're opening up a lot of the graphical and perhaps even map creation work to contributions from the community. If people get on board with that then it should make a huge difference.
DungeonDan wrote:
I have offered my services as a artist but all i get is we will be posting on recruiting
this upcomeing week or so and a month has past and nothing

Unfortunately this past month what I've hoped to be able to get done and what I've actually able to get done have been two very different things. We're opening up the contributors forum tomorrow :)
i personal would like a graphics update
That's basically what I've told other people who bring up the idea of more developers for NEStalgia. It would take more effort for a new programmer to figure out what does what than it would for Silk and Spiff to just do it themselves.

While it would probably pay off eventually as the new developer figured things out and got into the swing of things, it kind of defeats the purpose if the person has to take that much time just to get started.
I have to wait till july...
Omfg, a desert area! Finally... ginormous Scorpions and Cactus Men to kill. Lol.
Do you have plans for what the tournament levels are going to be in the future? I'd imagine we'll stick with a 20s bracket, and whatever the current level cap is, but is that 20 mark ever going to change? Or too distant to tell?
I never played this put i will try to play it this time to give it a try
Silk, I've got an off topic question I'd like to ask about the quality of the interface in a game i'm working on redesigning. Its an attempt to bring the game into the new era of BYOND. My email is
You can delete this post as I don't want to clutter your comments that aren't relevant.
needs more kefka.. seriously