I said that Wargames was going to end regular updating to pave way for a new, recoded version. Well that idea has kind of gone out the window with that last minute speed increase in the last release.

I'll admit now, that I don't see any release of a new version (which will be a lot more work to release than updating the old one) anytime soon, and I am actually now going back to the drawing board on what changes I can make to make it an interesting alternative rather than replacing the original completely.

Todays update is another patch up, but its got a couple of new things too. Thanks to the guys who have been hosting and playing recently for letting me know of recent issues, some of which should be dealt with in this version (particularly thankful to Blah500, who was most helpful this time round).

Although some of the stuff in this version is simply graphical changes to some icons, and some bug fixes particularly to attacking and nuking; others include dragging era research to take longer and some changes to power plants to accommodate a new building: The Steam plant. The Steam plant is an Enlightenment age power building which replaces the default plant for that era, for a more go-between building.

The other, probably more critical change is to Food production. I've "Re-denominated" food so it doesn't reach such high figures by translating it to a real world figure. Based on a pretty sketchy figure that 200,000 people would require around 400 tons of food a day, farms now produce "0.4" "kilotons" of food a day. All other figures relating to food has been compensated around this. Troops used to take up 1 food each while in the military per turn and into pre-oil combat. This is now lowered to half that in its new valuation to allow more troops for less food penalty.

Finally, trading in large numbers will reduce infamy (infamy being a figure based completely on the hub page's scoreboard for now) and there is also a new Bomber unit: Avro Vulcan to expand upon them a bit.

Planned updates for next time is a reworking of naval units, and some new naval types. Hopefully I can do something about that and their high loss rate by making naval (and perhaps air) combat different and separate to the current combat system. I also want to optimise the file size by some internal cleanup as the files have hit 1MB again, I hope to take this down to 700kb, or perhaps even 500kb.

*** Not so final ***

* Fix: Minor bug fix regarding the "title" image being on the wrong map.
* Fix: using Hide/Show wouldn't wipe the flag options if the "other" tab was selected. Additionally, showing should bring up the economic buildings automatically.
* Fix: Minor fix, The Destructor image should have been showing in Naval engagements for the Industrial Era.
* Fix: The Lightning Fighter plane would not always be counted in checking aircraft space.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where you could attack more than once per turn.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where nuked areas for some reason would count as part of your total land.
* Change: Speed improvements to turns, should freeze and slow down far less often and long as before.
* Change: There is now descriptions for Terrain and what they effect.
* Change: Terraforming with two click no longer spams.
* Change: Some changes to Power plants: Default costs 3,000 more (5,000) and Hydroelectric costs 10,000 more (15,000). Hydroelectric now gives 2 more default power (10).
* Change: Default power plant now comes in only at Industrial age, Steam plant is available now at Enlightenment.
* Change: Minor changes to host settings at the beginning of the game.
* Change: The minimum number of turns for researching eras has increased ten fold. Don't fret, this is still amazingly low.
* Change: Unlike the above, the values which determine how quickly era research takes to complete has gone up, which should be enough to stifle players for awhile.
* Change: Helicopters Cobra and Apache as well as the Iron Duke battleship icons have been modified to actually look something like what they are supposed to be.
* Change: Food has been Redenominated, because of its long standing "hyperinflation" from high numbers of food with little use.
- Food is now displayed in kilotons, a rare Wargames recognition of game values into real world measurements. Want to do this for others at a later date.
- Farms now produce 0.4 food, as opposed to 200, and similarly towns take 0.4 food. All other civic food relating figures have been modified to this new scale.
- Military figures have been reduced also. For one farm before, 200 food meant 200 soldiers supplied for. Now it is a bit more lenient, 400 soldiers for 0.4 food.
* Change: Changed some research icons.
* Change: Changed the map so 'turf' name doesn't come up, but rather lists what it actually is.
* Change: Not sure if this is going to effect numbers, but the minimum value before auto-noting is now 1,500 Million rather than just 1,000. It will also take as much as it needs to get it under that figure, rather than just removing 500 or 1,000 million a turn.
* New: I've granted boot to Hosts, since I've already given them ban anyway.
* New: New building, the Steam Plant, is a half-way between the Gov building and the default plant.
* New: New Unit, Avro Vulcan Bomber for the Post WW2 Era, finally got a more modern Bomber into the game.
* New: For every 1million made via trade to countries not in your alliance, your infamy goes down by 1 point.

Now hosting a week long server myself.

Assuming it lasts the time, hosting will be done myself continually. Reliable, not slow, not disappearing, go join now!