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Total Approved Asset Submissions: 94
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Report: 2

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Last Week:
- Only problem with hosting on VPS is that the server seems to get rebooted or something and I don't know why. I have to look into the why but more importantly the auto restarting part.

This Week:
- Figure out how to auto start the RC
- Decide and figure out long term hosting.
- Remove the refresh code
- Work on removing a lot more downloads from the startup
- Fix up a couple of the GUI issues
- Decide what to do with the PM
- Given the amount of bandwidth and space I have on the new server, I'm going to look into moving the DEMO downloads to the server because I'm out of file space on BYOND.

In the future:
- Look into accepting auto payments for silver

Shot of my usage on the VPS

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WinClickPro 1.0
Last Week:
- I was so busy at work that I didn't distribute it yet but I did fix a couple of minor setup issues.
- Redirected to a sub page under

This Week:
- Create the WinClickPro page with PayPal form
- Try testing it on some VMs and see how it does
- Create the pages which describe the tool with screenshots and what not
- Publish the tool at work and see if I can't get some folks to play around with it.

In the future:
- Video walk through
- Example interfaces
- Figure out how to automatically accept payments and provide keys through paypal.