Pokemon World Online RP

by Inutaishos
Pokemon World Online RP
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OOC (Out of Character, Yellow text): Space
IC (In Character, Green text): N
RP (Role-Play, Emote, Lime text): B
Send out Pokémon: Z
Return Pokémon: X
Train Pokemon: T
Study in Books: U
Study Pokemon: Y
Rest: R (Only inside buildings)
Talk with NPC's (Non-Playable Characters): E
Rest (Inside buildings only): R
Throw Pokeball: C
Pick Item Up: P
Attack Slot 1: A
Attack Slot 2: S
Attack Slot 3: D
Attack Slot 4: F
Kill (Wild Pokémon only): V
Free walk (Pokémon follows behind you): H
Control Free Walker (Switch to fighting mode): J
Force Return Pokémon (Only if Pokémon is following you): K


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From the same creator of:
PWO 4.0 read the release notes at forum, If you don't know how to RP, please read the guide as soon as you log on, if you don't understand everything, and become a descent RPer you won't get nowhere ingame, wont get your pokemon and won't be able to leave your city.

Enjoy our RP community and have fun!
use the forums :*
C ya ingame \o