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Poll: Who do you hate the most?

Noobs 4% (1)
Newbs 4% (1)
Trolls 12% (3)
Abusive Admins 37% (9)
Back-Stabbers 8% (2)
Idk/Idc 33% (8)

The polls are now closed.

Really, I could log onto any popular game on BYOND and find it either very quiet or people agrueing pointlessly. What's the point of fighting/holding grudges against complete strangers over the internet?

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Abusive Admins is what tic's me off the most. .
Eh. I personally hate Back-Stabbers the most.
Why care about E-People? If someone backstabs me I wouldn't give a crap. . Internet can be used to entertain others in many ways. . Games are just one of them, if some idiot person i've never met, back stabs me . . It's not like im gonna cry or physically show emotion over it. . Yeah I might troll the guy abit, but I wouldn't really care.

The thing that drives people away from sucessful, fun games. Are Abusive idiotic admins.

Example: Shinobi Story Online's Admins. Enough said.
Lmao. Yepper. But still, betrayal hurts. Wether its someone IRL or over the interweb =P
I mean, there are two different types of people in the world "Real" & "Fake".

Internet people are all Fake. No one on the internet would take a bullet for you, get you out of trouble, spend money for you, Get you this, and that, get you outta jail. No. . . Because Internet people feel as if people over the other side of the computer can be some tarp who just wants gifts, and bypasses and good things.

There will always be betrayal on the internet, Just look at Bill Gates, and the Founder of Mac.

Bill Gates betrayed that guy, and stole his idea. . . And now look what it's become. . PC > Mac ?
I guess that could it. Unless it's just a rumor like a lot of people think.

But more to the point, why abusive admins?
I voted for Abusive Admins. Because they have sort kind of power in game and if the "Head Admin" or "Owner" give them more power they become(some of them not) power hungry bitches and they can ruin the game. If I'm gonna play a new game that has my intrest, I will check how the community is and the admins. But that's my opinion.
Eh. Agreed.
Having bailed people out of trouble while being an "internet guy" and been returned the favour, I would at least disagree on the distinction HaxRp presents. These things are more a matter of how well you know the person, and that's true to face-to-face contact as it is online.
I see what you're saying, Stephen. Vee got me a membership out of the blue, and then I "double-cross" him and make him an enemy, of which I deeply regret.

I guess thats how the interwebs work.
Internet people are not inherently fake. I've met some good people o'er the nets, and met quite a few of said people in person. We buy eachother birthday gifts, play online quite often, and have a good time.

And being backstabbed hurts like hell. I still vote trolls, however, because I see them as very... negative people. To have such a passion towards being a jerk is impressive.
Having essentially dealt with the entire spectrum of things on there as a BYOND moderator, I don't hate any one group.

What I hate, is crowd mentality and rumors. It comes from noobs, newbs, trolls, abusive admins AND back-stabbers.

Example: Developer X declares himself best on BYOND, has okay playerbase. Crowd mentality happens, people parrot what X says, without checking or even knowing it's the case. X gets an ego massage, then declares they can get people banned off BYOND. Crowd mentality again, people parrot what X says.

People like me finally come into contact with X and their ego, take appropriate and reasonable action to resolve X's issues and keep the peace. Crowd mentality, people parrot X's ensuing rant, people like me are suddenly the bad guys, when normally the crowd appreciates what we do. Shots fired, now people are really upset because we had to clean up a mess X created to inflate their ego.

I tell you, it's the worst, and principally I can't go banning these people for causing trouble.
I see. In some ways, we have too many followers. In others, too many leaders.
We don't have enough individuals. =P

If people thought more about what they want to say (like you guys do) as opposed to just deciding to suck-up to particular people, my job would be so much easier. Same goes for people just agreeing with me without any reason.

Another problem I have (often with library review) is entitlement. When I review a library, I provide feedback to improve it for everyone who might want to use it, to teach the library developer a new trick or two if it's handy etc.

Principally my job is to keep the standards up, make sure we have an awesome selection of super clean libraries doing interesting and varied things etc.

The response I usually get to giving this feedback though (which is my job), is usually anger. I'm not insulting the developer, or saying they are bad programmers or anything, so I do wish people wouldn't take it that way. As it happens, I have the job because I'm quite good at programming, so usually I can find an area to improve or two, and would love to see all BYOND programmer's step up their game.

But people assume they are entitled to just push whatever code they want as a library and get it listed, and see me as some kind of dickish guy stopping that happening. Which is obviously not what it's about at all.
Sqeaky's comment suits me best!

I simply don't understand how a person could want to be a troll.. and i do not like being back stabbed internet or real life, it would upset me if i have known the person for any amount of time and considered them a trusted friend.

Haxrp i have bailed many internet people out of problems, donated to help people, and internet people have even helped me out.

I guess it's whats changing with the times, but i will never willingly betray anyone, and i have and always will consider anyone a possible friend and harbor no hate towards anyone if i can help it.
I have been a troll myself. It's mostly the fact of exploiting someone's mistakes/failures and making fun of them to make yourself better. I think everyone has done it at least once.
Would you really think i would troll Darwin :(?

I find it's immature and unhelpful, for an example, if someone makes a bad post.. help them out, tell them where they have gone wrong, it irritates me how some people will say something trollish, sarcastic or rude.

I would care to say i have not trolled before.
Lol. Ok, Teka.

So, what is the point of argueing with strangers over the interwebs?
Masterdarwin88 wrote:
I see what you're saying, Stephen. Vee got me a membership out of the blue, and then I "double-cross" him and make him an enemy, of which I deeply regret.

I guess thats how the interwebs work.

I don't excuse people's past transgressions nor do I expect them to excuse mine. Tough luck to you.
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