Well, this is a fun change. I've beaten on 3.4 for a long... long time and its time for a change. I've made a decision regarding the Project Manager and its a big GO!

I was having some doubts about investing into the the PM because I felt like BYOND doesn't really have the dev-set (just coined) to support a task management system but then...

I reminded myself about how awesome the project is after playing around with it recently. I'm pretty sure I've been in this exact place before. The project is just monstrous so this sort of on/off behavior is expected I guess.

Not only does the PM showcase what BYOND can do in terms of the application space but its actually pretty awesome relative to its competitors. Albeit, the tool is fairly simple right now.

I've got 10+ years of working with top project management systems and I'm probably one of the worlds leaders in terms task management. Don't read into that statement tooooo much but seriously, I track every thing I do all day long.

What I'm trying to say is that I've got a good handle on what a task management system needs and doesn't need. I back this claim with 10 years of experience as a task freak, tool/game developer, and professional tester.

With that said, task management is nearly an infinite possibility space where everyone needs something different. The biggest challenges are in handling relationships, reporting, customization, and integration. Those are of course the hardest, largest, and most problematic areas.


I'm pushing forward with the PM effort. I've been fixing integration bugs like a mad-man for the last couple of days.

The one thing that lit me up besides reminding myself of how cool the damn thing will be, is the potential for reaching out to non-BYOND folks. The PM can be used by anyone. I'm always amazed by the task management garbage being sold for tens of thousands of dollars to corporations. I can't help but wonder if I could potentially get a little bit of that market and how frelling awesome that would be.

Anyway... full steam ahead. I'd like to set a light goal of getting V4.0 released by end of month (GSD?).

More to come...
Nothing but support from me, ts. Keep doing what you feel is best for your projects.
Thanks! Appreciate the support.