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Over the course of the past few months (not to mention the past year) I've received a ton of offers for help from various pixel artists and composers. Unfortunately I haven't yet had time to take anyone up on their generous offers, as managing lots of different artwork and music contributions is almost a job in and of itself. Hopefully that's about to change.

The NEStalgia Art and Music Contributions board is now open for business. The way it works is pretty simple: the development team will create a topic on the board for each asset that we're looking to have created (or replaced), and contributors may then reply to the topic with their submissions. After some back-and-forth feedback and revisions, we may accept the asset (be it a sprite or music) and put it in the game.

In addition to our sprite/music requests, artists can submit unsolicited work by creating a new topic in the forum for each submission. New monster sprites, dungeon tilesets, sound effects, you name it - feel free to submit it if you think it is worth our time to review.

We will give all artists full credit for their work, and for each accepted sprite we will pay $5 or gift a 4 month NEStalgia subscription (payment for music is negotiable). We're also looking at a third option of some sort of in-game novelty reward like an exclusive costume rod.

I've created some guides/tutorials for budding NEStalgia sprite artists to help get people acquainted with NEStalgia's art style and how icons for the game are created:

Sprite Sizing (Important!)

Overworld NPC & Monster Sprites <-- Includes an example DMI icon file

Monster Battle Sprites

The board went online last night and we've already been receiving submissions. Don't be afraid to submit your work - you don't have to be a NEStalgia player to contribute. We'll be giving honest feedback when reviewing submissions, but all criticism will be constructive. The more sprites that we receive, the faster this summer's updates will be ready for release. Come be a part of the team!

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Thanks! Fixed it.
I'ma get on this!
this is irrelevant, however when I first saw this post I read to myself:

Contribute Artwork and Music to NEStalgia (and Get Laid?)
It's not a lot of cash, but it's enough to get my attention. I haven't been on Byond for awhile, but your "drawing" me back (forgive me), not as a coder in training but a pixel artist. Thanks Silk.
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I am interested. Very.