Hello all,

Been awhile haven't had internet connection for a long time. Just moved out here in CT and been here about a year now. Going to be using the library for my work until I move into my new spot next month. I have decided to kill DQE for good this time and only work on one game, ForEverquest. I will need a team for this, I have looked in the past and foudn a few interested but since I had no way to work on the game it diminished away, but for now I am just outlining the cosmetics such as spells, items, mobs, etc...

If anyone is interested in helping with this hit me up at
Are you still working on your game? If so I would be interested in helping out provided you have intentions to complete it. I'm anxious to contribute to a finished product.
Yes, we are stil lcracking at the project. Our only flaw is we dont really have any artist helping us do the pixel work. I have one person giving me a hand with a few pieces here and there but it isnt a fulltme thing. If interested please contact me email or msn with same email addy.