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DM needs a built-in map instancing system.

Add a new file type for "instanced maps" which are basically exactly like a normal dmm file in Dream Maker (edited just like a dmm), but they are not loaded when the game is started up.

Then add some new functions or whatever is needed to allow developers to load an instanced map (a new copy of it) into the game and return whatever information is needed so the developer knows how to access the map (such as the z level the map was added to or whatever).
I think this goes hand-in-hand with the idea of a map datum, which it seems we don't have a request for. Definitely support this -- it would help a lot of RPG games immensely.
This would be extremely useful. I support this whole-heartedly.
I could have sworn there was a request for this already, but I guess it's gone now if there was one. Map loading and saving is definitely something we'd like, but it would have to tie into our savefile system and wouldn't really be compatible with .dmm proper (although there's no reason it couldn't load from .dmm, it couldn't save in that format).
As long as I could make the maps in DM, include them with the project, and load/close copies of them as needed, I would be happy.
Aaiko wrote:
Yes, there are libraries to do this already, but you can't do it as efficiently as required.

I don't understand the last two words there, "as required"... What do you have that's requiring such fast map loading? I understand that efficiency would improve if this was a built-in feature, but can you give a practical example of how existing methods are far too slow?

I'd be here all day explaining all the benefits this would provide, but, I don't have the time.

Efficiency is the only benefit you mentioned and you didn't explain why that's necessary. Can you explain the other benefits? I can't imagine any.
@Forum_account: I edited the post with pure feature request information and less rambling. I wasn't trying to debate (and don't want to), just wanted to make a feature request.
Then it sounds like libraries completely satisfy this. If there's a problem with these libraries, let us know and someone can fix that.
Forum_account wrote:
Then it sounds like libraries completely satisfy this.
That delusional theory of yours applies to literally every feature ever requested. The only reason you think that is because you consistently use libraries that you built yourself for your pixel movement projects.

If there's a problem with these libraries, let us know and someone can fix that.
None of those libraries support building maps as far as I know, nor can they can't import actual BYOND.dmm maps, and using random libraries is always a negative.