Table of Contents:
  • Gnome Castle Renamed?!
  • Building System Demonstration
  • An Unpaid Job
  • The Beginning of a ColumnGnome Castle Renamed?!
    I took Oasiscircle's advice and decided to rename the game. Gnome Castle is now Gnomeheim. "Heim" is German for home, and Gnomeheim looks more exciting than "Gnome Home" so there you have it. Besides, the Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wikia, and wordpress pages for "gnomeheim" were available so that was another plus.

    Building System Demonstration
    I promised a preview by Friday, and here it is: a sneak peak at the building system: watch?v=HkMva6QlGm8&feature=channel_video_title

    Two things about the video, however. It's a bit distorted. The graphics are much more clear and better looking in-game. Also, there is an interface box similar to Dwarf Fortress over to the left of the screen that shows all of the macros, but I didn't record any of that, just the map.

    If you couldn't tell what was going on, basically I was collecting resources by clicking on the trees and stone, then I opened my Status and Items tab by hitting the "S" key so that I could choose which items I wanted to build. After clicking an item in the Items tab, all you have to do is hit the Build key (Z) and it creates it wherever you are standing as long as you have the resources to make it.

    An Unpaid Job:
    I'm not sure if anyone is interested in this ( I think DungeonDan might be ), but the only help I would say I need at this point is the creation of a wiki. Like every other game in the world, players are going to want and need information. Characters, items, enemies, gameplay descriptions, etc. all need to be put into one, convenient wiki for the playerbase to enjoy. If you're a good writer and have any interest in the game, tell me in the comments and I'll get back with you. I have no money to offer at the moment, but if I were to ever make some sort of profit from Gnomeheim, I wouldn't hesitate to compensate you for your contribution.

    The Beginning of a Column:
    I think I mentioned this before, but one thing I would like to get into is journalism. ACWraith in B&W made a comment saying his column was "lonely". I have plenty of time on my hands, and I think I'm a pretty decent writer and so I would like to start some sort of weekly post about something interesting. Only thing is I'm not sure what to write about. Of course, it would most likely be game related, but what about games? Newest games? Weird games? Terrible games? What would you like to read about every week? Leave a comment below and the most popular response is what I'll do.

    Thanks for reading.
I volunteer to help with the wiki. I know the syntax decently well, and have the free time to populate it with info.
I would focus on making the actual game before setting up all this stuff.
Oasiscircle wrote:
I would focus on making the actual game before setting up all this stuff.

I tried that with Voxles and it didn't work out too well.

It's easier to make a Wiki and things like that as you go along. Waiting until the game is finished leaves you with a bigger job because then you have more content, and then you may end up over looking something. Doing it this way ensures that when I release the game, there will already be a neat wikia page for the community to read and learn about the game, rather than everyone waiting a week or two for me to create one.

The most common complaint in Voxles, besides lack of animation, was that there was nothing the players could read to figure out how to play the game. I'm taking care of this issue with Gnomeheim early on.