May is the month to Get Stuff Done, and this year at least 21 BYOND users have hastily pledged to accomplish unrealistic goals in an incredibly short period of time. Some of them are still vacillating on which paradigm to shift, while my short story stands at about 200 hastily written words (of a planned 5000). Here is a list of the official participants who have pledged to Get Stuff Done thus far:

(If you don't see your name on this list, then you either didn't Comment on This Blog Post, or your comment didn't include clear success criteria. There is still time to enter.)

It occurs to me that of these 21 persons, maybe 2 will finish their projects and be awarded shiny BYOND medals. Please prove me wrong, BYOND developers.

Be sure to release your project, before June 1st, in a format that is publicly accessible. In other words, your game must be hosted or downloadable. You DO NOT need to release your source files, or give up ownership or rights on anything you release. You will also need to post a link to your project on the Challenges Forum (This is a normal BYOND forum, and you don't need to register a user name or anything) so that I know that you have finished, and I can view your project. Post a completed project early, and I'll be able to give you feedback.

You have 10 days left, developers. It's time to polish up all loose ends, do some play testing, and release your projects. Now is not the time to be adding new features.

Good Luck
It's Gnomeheim now.
Heck I'll enter with an amazing update for my game, BYOND: Martial Arts.
I posted on the blog post, and I have also been making blog posts on my own blog about my project.
It's called PokeBYOND, and it is basically a Pokemon game...for BYOND. Looking to make it as close to the actual games as possible in systems, while differing from the normal storyline.
I may not have time to put the storyline part in by the deadline, however. If all goes well, it should be playable by then.
I want to enter... o_o
I'm so going to fail this. But I will fail with style.
I've got Freeze Tag HideAway's update to a testable state with no planned new features. Unfortunately, I'm waiting on ATHK to finish setting up his hosting service so I can host a test server. Hope I can get it done! =D.
I'm still in this to the end, hopefully going to get up a playable version by June...and then begin the major edits then.

You never said I needed a masterpeice, just something presentable and enjoyable...The only part that wont be enjoyable is the graphics.
I have nothing to show as of right now. Hopefully, I get a new version of Classic Tron BYOND Edition ready.
FW2 is sitting at ~2800 lines of code right now. And it's still not quite show-worthy. FFFFFFFFFFFFF
Can I change my entry into a Haz update? :)
ok then can i add in making 2 new dungeons and a new village for my new game... Legends of Dissidia?
Sounds like a great idea. Don't get in over your head and miss the deadline on both of those. Having just the update is better than nothing.
I was thinking of just working on the Haz update.
As a progress it OK if my game isn't really...complete?

For example, the Pokemon game just needs to be generally playable, correct? I am probably going to keep updating it afterwards, but(if all goes well) it will only have the general basics of a Pokemon game before the deadline.
F0lak wrote:
I was thinking of just working on the Haz update.

I don't like updates as projects. The old rules stated that the "project" had to be a new release. Because I mentioned the old rules, but did not mention that one specifically, I'm still on the fence about what I can consider a completed "Something" that got done. My last CQ update, for example, changed one variable from 1 to 2.

If the update is a major revision of the game, that's one thing. If it simply adds some stuff on to the original game, that's different. A new class, enemy, or region in CQ would be a minor update; a new tier of classes, or a versus mode, would be major updates.
IainPeregrine wrote:=-
I don't like updates as projects. The old rules ...

It's an overhaul of several core systems, including AI, crafting, and combat.
Albro1 wrote:
As a progress it OK if my game isn't really...complete?

The entire idea behind the GSD is to have something presentable, something that you can point to and say "I made that, and it works". A proof of concept or a demo isn't enough. That's something you point to and say "There's kinda what I'm planning to do - and I'll have it done someday, maybe".

It doesn't matter if you can't fit all your features in by the deadline. Cut the ones that aren't needed, and add them in updates later. You can always update. Just make sure that you have the Core Gameplay present, and that people can play your game as a game and not a demo or a half finished proof of concept.
If I get an artist, I'll try at least make a playable demo of what I'm working on by the end of May.
oh. But a demo isn't enough. :P