by Acebloke
[AMT] Join the war or build a city
Ok rolled out a new update yesterday concluding the server I was hosting ending.

You can see the results here:


I do intend to host again, but have to wait it out because the room with the internet and the host machine is getting moved out the way for some renovation, meaning I don't want to start a game only to have to shut it off. Arcteris is currently hosting in the meantime.

Most of the games updates are fixes, some minor some more important. I promised some Navy reform but that has had to wait. Instead, I got round to including a new nuke and a rocket usable for combat rather than space. Via the 'options' menu you can now zoom out, although this is purely visual and not really for any practical use other than scouting for nukes and trying find free squares, etc.

A major change is how you place your land from combat, you can now cancel your actions without losing it, as well as using 2 click to speed up the process. In addition, you can choose whether to land or sea tile via the military building menu at will, ensuring you don't need to double the work with terraform.

Other changes include removing trade deals with no more resources, alliance list now displaying a 4th alliance in the pie chart and alliances with no members not popping up in the attack filter.

Subscribers also now have a bit more features, mainly in the de-spamming area of less messages and more control of what messages you get and don't get.

The update list is as such:

* Fix: Some interwar settings wouldn't have hydroelectric icons, although they technically worked.
* Fix: Attempted fix of the food approval claiming you were starving when you are actually fine.
* Fix: Fixed minor text bug with Assembly line research.
* Fix: Attempted fix of an icon bug where certain buildings would randomly disappear when leveling era.
* Fix: Fixed another bug regarding the 9801 land medal.
* Fix: Finishing Space research should now update the research tab.
* Fix: Fixed some bugs regarding nukes, including airfields and fission-specific issues.
* Fix: Fixed some issues with the new Avro Vulcan unit.
* Fix: Fixed a minor bug in which the land displayed under the "less land" attack filter would display the wrong figure.
* Fix: Attempted fix of auto-joining from some alliance invites.
* Fix: Attempted fix of Land Leader and Population density buttons holding up the entire server.
* Fix: Trades which have run out of goods would sometimes stay on the list, fixed.
* Change: Captured land can now be placed with 2 click.
* Change: The default food value when starting has been reduced from 600 to 200.
* Change: Auto-Million note conversion should not spam any more, also being faster when 1,000+ notes are being converted.
* Change: The alliance list now factors in a 4th alliance to show on the pie chart.
* Change: More changes to icons, including nukes. Mountain/Arid terrains now have altered icons in the building menu.
* Change: Alliance filter should no longer display alliances without members.
* Change: Cancelling with won land yet to place no longer unecessarily removes the rest of your land, but keeps it stored.
* Change: Infamy reduction via trade introduced in last version now requires 5 million via trade instead of 1 million.
* New: Some new subscriber features, see below.
* New: New Nuke, the Fission bomb as been split into two, Fat Man (as before) and Little Boy (a cheaper, quicker to use, smaller device but with longer radiation).
* New: Fruits of your space research: Completed Rocket research now delivers the V2 Rocket to your disposal, a cheap, very quick device without radiation. Used like nukes.
* New: You can now place land from combat via the military building menu, including placing sea instead.
* New: A limited function zoom out has been included for x2 and x3 via the Options menu.

-= Subscriber features =-

* New: Suffering messages can now be turned off from a seperate command to turns.
* New: Auto-Note messages can now be turned off via a button in the MoT.
* New: New flags, Latvia; Macedonia; Laos; Thailand in Default Nation Flags.