************** Server Upgrade **************

You may remember that the server underwent a huge upgrade a while back. At the last auction in early April, I picked up some even better computers for just $1 each. Now that I finally have some free time to work on them, I've set up one of these computers as the next TRC/TFS server.

--- hyper-threaded 2.8GHz Tri-C
--- 8kB L1 cache; 512kB L2 cache
--- 2GB of 400MHz DDR RAM
--- (backup drive for file hosting not in use)

--- hyper-threaded 3.0GHz Dell Optiplex GX280
--- 16kB L1 cache; 1024kB L2 cache
--- 2GB of 400MHz DDR2 RAM
----- will soon be upgraded to 4GB of 533MHz DDR2 RAM ($22)
--- 80GB SATA HD
--- 80GB SATA HD dedicated to file hosting

The previous server wasn't bad by any means but it had a number of quirks that made it less suitable as a web server. Since being transferred to the new server, the website is now running much more smoothly.

************** File Hosting **************

Terulia Forum Service now offers free file hosting for BYOND users. This should be particularly useful to those of you without BYOND memberships. Visit [ this link ] to get started.

Please don't go overboard with remote image hosting.
This isn't intended to be a substitute for Photobucket.

************** Game Hosting **************

Some of you may be aware that I'm currently hosting several games at Terulia Services. These games are still being hosted on the previous web server. Soon (in a few days), these will be transferred to one of the 3 additional GX280s that I picked up (also for $1 each).

At 4GB of RAM and with loads of processing power to spare, I'm planning to create a remote file upload and auto-hosting system for users of the hosting service.

The way this will probably work is:
1) zip your host files
2) upload your host files
3) host files automatically unzipped
4) existing session is shutdown if applicable
5) new session is launched

This should make things significantly easier for those of you who are uncomfortable with SSH.

************** My Weekend **************

And now I'm off. I'm leading a group to the Ochlockonee River tomorrow to pull a derelict boat out of a tree. I will be scouting the site and floating materials downriver this afternoon. I won't be doing much else toward "Get Something Done" unless you consider pulling a 600-pound boat out of a tree "getting something done". On the other hand, I believe the newly revamped file hosting service qualifies. By my count, I've still got 10 days to finish up the updates to to satisfy Iain's challenge.
Gakumerasara - please email me concerning a new webbased control panel

a.t.h.k AT hotmail DOT com

I have done this want to join forces? free of charge of course
I have a quick question, are these computers set up at your home, work, or a paid-for-connection type place? Also, put a speedtest!
It's been set up at home initially. Depending on how things go in my testing and whether there's any interest, I'll probably move the server(s) to a colo center. My home connection is not very fast at present, but I will be moving and upgrading internet in about 2 months.
Do you still offer hosting to people?
Hey Gakumerasara, I was interested in your hosting services and would like to know how to get started with it. I would really appriciate you hosting my game for me concidering I can't keep the game up myself 24/7. Anyways I will add you to my pager and if you somehow want to host my game then you can message me on my pager or post up on this. Anyways thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Hey again it's my Anarchy, I read your page that you sent to me awhile back. I'm sorry but I don't have the income to put out 15$ a month to you to host for me. I have a child on the way and I have to focus on putting all my money towards that. I'm sorry that I cannot provide you with 15$ a month. But thanks for everything. If you have any questions please message me.
No problem; best of luck to you.

And to anyone else who reads this, I'm having to put the free game hosting on hold for a number of reasons. The initial free hosting service went well except that I had to personally train everyone to run games in Linux (and fix their problems when people couldn't figure out how to do it themselves). Then there were the people I set up accounts for who never used them... Also, almost everyone failed to implement TRC, one of the prerequisites for hosting their games in the first place.

If anyone is interested in paying for a dedicated server, I can set one up for you for ~$15/month, though this should be substantially lower if/when I finally get the hosting system set up. With everything else I have going on, setting it up is very low on my list of priorities right now.