Resource Center v3.4:


Total Unique Users: 1697
Total New Users Since Last Update: 22
Total User Visits Since Last Update: 110

Total Bonuses Given: 68200
Total Bonuses Given Since Last Update: 1025

Total Asset Submissions: 167
Total Approved Asset Submissions: 95
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Update: 1

Total User Earnings: $237
Total User Earnings Since Last Update: $0
Total PopLava Earnings Since Last Update: $0

Total Withdraw Amount: $105
Total Withdraw Amount Since Last Update: $38

Total User Silver: 157292

First Sergeant: 1
Private: 110
Recruit: 1129

Total Contributors: 58

Last Week:
- A bunch of tweaks and bug fixes including the restoration of the original home page.
- Started enforcing the need for having the latest version of BYOND so I could remove the browser refresh hacks. The no-name avatars in the Activity Bar was a bug that showed users who were logging in with an older version.
- I'm going to extend my VPS hosting.
- This will be the last update on v3.4.
- Asset Submissions:

V4 - Project Manager
- After reviewing the project, I decided to push forward and get it done.
- I did a ton of bug fixing and continued integration of the Project Manager.
- I moved the Project Manager files into a separate loading session which will increase performance when connecting to the Resource Center.

This Week:
- Tackle the few remaining integration bugs and get back into feature work.
- Scrub the V4 feature list and start tracking and publishing progress.

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WinClickPro v1.0

Last Week:
- I'm looking into creating a web service for automatically accepting payments, providing keys, and etc. Apparently I need to give a little bit more money for some of this functionality so I'm waiting to hear back on my upgrade request. This effort may leak over into BYOND projects as well. I might be able to handle Silver purchases in the Resource Center automatically.

This Week:
- Hopefully, I will be able to start on the web service stuff. It's a fairly large chunk of work in a space I'm not 100% comfortable with so we shall see.