A tidy up of yesterday's release:

Pretty much all fixes or attempted fixes other than some slight reduction of time for researching eras, and the ability to pay for buildings with a mix of million notes and petty cash once it goes over 1,000 million.

* Fix: Wrong graphic for Combat Sea.
* Fix: Retried delagging buttons that freeze server.
* Fix: Fat Man's would only blow up one square, fixed.
* Fix: A seemingly long running bug meant that nuked land could be taken in combat if not surrounded by land/sea/buildings, fixed.
* Fix: Attempting to buy non-helicopter/plane units when you are in negative space for them will now not stop you.
* Fix: Attempted another fix to stop blank squares appearing.
* Change: Reduced the effect of lengthened research for each research completed for Eras.
* Change: Buildings that cost more than 1,000,000,000 will now have thousand millions taken out of million notes, with the rest being made out of your petty cash.
* Change: When placing combat land, it now lets you know how much you have left to place.